Mary's Journal Entry 15: Search for Jesus

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The following as if journaled from the perspective of Mary, the mother of Jesus...

I am beside myself.  I must write just to clear my mind and attempt to make some sense of what has occurred.  We came to Jerusalem for the Passover just like we have done every year the past 12 years since Jesus was born.  We did nothing out of the ordinary.  We completed the time there and began our journey home.  We were sure Jesus was with the other boys.  We traveled one full day before realizing… no one had seen him.

He is gone.  We can’t seem to figure out who the last person was that saw him.  We have asked everyone we know, friends and family alike, and no one has seen him. 

We are heading back to Jerusalem to search.  Oh my God. Are you sure you made the right choice in selecting me to be his mother, the mother of your son?!??!  I have to be honest… I feel like a pretty bad mother right now.  I have lost my son!  I have lost Jesus!   

But you have not lost him…. Your Son.

Jehovah, please be our provider of direction as we look for Jesus. 


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