Mary's Journal Entry 1: The Announcement

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The following as if journaled from the perspective of Mary, the mother of Jesus... 
Will the trembling ever stop?  I’m not even sure if I’m trembling from fear, from excitement, from amazement… a little of all of it I’m sure.

I’ve been sitting here for what seems like forever.  It seems time has stopped.   WILL ANYONE BELIEVE THIS????  

An angel visited me tonight.  An angel with a name.  Gabriel.  He spoke to me. 

At first I was troubled, shaken and afraid.  He told me I was highly favored and the Lord was with me.  What did this mean?  What was he trying to say?  He continued to tell me to not fear, but that I was going to have a son, that I would name him Jesus.  He will be a king in the line of David.  His kingdom will not end. 

I still couldn’t quite figure this out.  I have never been with any man.  I am a virgin, pledged and engaged to be married.  I have held to the laws faithfully.  Did he mean after Joseph and I were married?  My mind was swirling.  I spoke... 

I sit here now and can’t believe I spoke!  My mouth opened, words came out, and I spoke… no, I questioned.  (My mind was moving faster than my words.  That has been a trait of mine I must continue to work on.)  I questioned…  “How will this be?” 

Gabriel didn’t seem to mind my question.  He didn’t seem to be frustrated or angry at me.  He shared that the Holy Spirit would come upon me and the power of the Most High would hover and overshadow me.  The holy one to be born will be called the Son of God.

And then as if that news wasn’t enough, he spoke to me news that practically laid me flat.  My dear sweet relative Elizabeth is going to have a baby!  She is up in age, beyond childbearing years surely.  I now have learned she is 6 months pregnant!  She was barren.  She has lived the agony, despair, ridicule, sorrow of not bearing a child, an heir for Zechariah.

Gabriel's last words to me were… “for nothing is impossible with God.”  Nothing indeed!!

I am still shocked at my reply.  Where did the strength, the peace, the ability to respond in such a manner come from?  I said, “I am the Lord’s servant.  May it be as you have said.”   

Then Gabriel left.

What have I agreed to?May it be as you have said?!?!  I am a virgin.  I am engaged to be married.  I have lived the laws and decrees.  I know well the prophet Isaiah’s words of old about a virgin being with child.  Surely not me. 

And yet, I have always prayed and yearned for a heart tender towards the things of God.  He is my Jehovah… my Provider.  I have strived to trust him in all things.  I have prayed that I might be used by Him in some small way.  I never asked for anything big.  I never really wanted anything big.  And now I learn…

I’m a young girl.  I’m engaged to be married to an upstanding righteous man.  I’m a virgin.  I have found favor with God.  I’m having a son.

A son?!  Joseph and I will …. Joseph.  Oh sweet, tenderhearted Joseph.  How will I tell him?  How will I break the news to him?  He will never believe me!  It’s impossible!  But then, I am reminded of the comfort Gabriel left me with… "Nothing is impossible with God."

My mind is still swirling but writing these events have helped to calm me a bit.  I know what I will do.  I will pack my things.  I will go to visit Elizabeth.  Surely if anyone will believe the impossible… she will!?


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