Mary's Journal Entry 7: Traveling to Bethlehem

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The following as if journaled from the perspective of Mary, the mother of Jesus...
Oh, this trip is so much longer than I envisioned!

My back hurts!
My feet are swollen!
I am exhausted!
And yes, I am definitely waddling!!

The baby moves so much now. It is almost painful at times! I find myself catching my breath as a sharp pain shoots under my rib, across my abdomen, or even down my leg.

Joseph has been so patient with me and my complaining at times. I smile throughout the day when the others are around… but at night, when we lay down to sleep… sometimes the tears even come.

Why must we do this now?!!!

I must sleep …. Another day looms before us tomorrow.

Jehovah, please be my Provider of rest.


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