Hello and Welcome.  Allow me to introduce myself.

I suppose I’m not much different than your neighbor down the street or the lady standing behind you in line at the grocery store.
My days are filled with being a wife of 22 years and a mother to 3 spanning 2nd grade to College

I am a reader, piano player, and wanna be gardener and cook.  I search for new ways to be frugal and make good financial decisions.  I am a student of how to navigate the world with the special needs of my children, a mentor, a speaker, a contributing writer at Crosswalk, and a blogger.

I do not share many details of our little guys adoption.  I do not expand much on our daughter’s brain injury and her fight with death twice.  The lifetime obstacles these experiences have left for us to navigate and their stories are not mine to share in this public place.

However, the way that I approach life and the lens through which I view the encounters of my day are very much influenced by the daily experiences those situations bring.  As I process and share, these things are very much a part of who I am and who God is creating me to be.

More than anything else I am a child of God. I treasure the personal relationship I have with Him. I am not afraid to tackle the more difficult questions of life. I do not back away from the tough questions of my heart.

In turn, I often share those here with you in hopes of challenging, encouraging and inspiring your own heart and soul at its very core.

I hope you always find yourself welcome to come and sit awhile at My Quiet Corner. Take time to rest, to reflect, to be quiet.  

I hope and pray that you find here transparency, encouragement, honesty, support, laughs, tears, a listening ear, a praying heart, and a friend.

Thanks for sharing "My Quiet Corner" with me! I enjoy the presence of YOU!