Mary's Journal Entry: Intro

What if Mary, the mother of Jesus, blogged? What if she kept a diary? What if she journaled?

What would we read? What might those words have contained?

As I have considered these questions, I have felt prompted to “journal” as Mary might have. To get deep into the story to ponder what might have been happening in the depths of her heart.  To consider what the thoughts of her days may have been without knowing the ending as I do.

For the next days leading up to Christmas, I want to share those journal entries with you. I am, in no way, saying this is exactly how Mary felt. It is only my thoughts on perhaps what life may have been like for her.

Beginning tomorrow, stop by to encounter what thoughts, feelings, and experiences I perceive may have been some of her experiences. And please feel free to add your own thoughts, pondering's, and discoveries of what you think!

Let’s journey together into the heart of Mary… which, we will find, leads us directly to Jesus Himself!


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