Mary's Journal Entry 12: Running to Egypt

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The following as if journaled from the perspective of Mary, the mother of Jesus...
I am stealing a moment to write.  It has all happened so quickly.  We are fleeing to Egypt under the cover of night.  We had to leave immediately.  There was really no time to pack sensibly or to plan.  We grabbed our essential items and left.  We have left everyone and everything we know…and I’ve barely had a moment to think of it.

The beginning of this journey was quite strange really.  Men showed up.  They were dressed somewhat differently and their language was a bit different.  We could tell they were men of high class. They shared their story.

They were from the East.  They are sky gazers.  Some time ago they saw a star.  A new star.  They followed that star.  They traveled all that way… to worship our Jesus.   

They are calling him King of the Jews.  He is but a toddler and somehow these men know these things already.  They gave Jesus gifts.  Gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  Just before presenting the gifts they bowed… not just a head bow.  They bowed low to the ground. 

It was quite a sight to see these men of very high class giving such costly and unique gifts to a boy, sitting on my lap, a toothy grin, and unable to talk.  I was taken back to that moment not so many months ago when men of a very low class did much of the same thing.  They gave of what they had.  I saw much of the same look in their eyes, the adoration in their voices, and the gentleness in their touch.   

Both high and low among men worship Jesus.

After they left, an angel came to Joseph and warned him that we must escape.  The angel said King Herod was in search of Jesus to kill him?! Of course we wasted no time.  We grabbed a few things and fled.

Here we are, making a very long journey with little preparation, Joseph, myself, and our little one in tow… Jesus.  Is this but the beginning of what is to come?  Fleeing for our lives?

Jehovah, we are trusting you to provide us with protection as we make this long but quick journey.


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