Mary's Journal Entry 9: He's Here!!

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The following as if journaled from the perspective of Mary, the mother of Jesus...
I left my last entry dreaming of sleeping for weeks.  I’m guessing a good sleep like that won’t come for let’s say… oh, 15 years or so. And it seems the words I had all planned out to share in this place once we were settled don't even matter anymore.

Once again I am trembling.  Perhaps from exhaustion and excitement all at the same time. 

So much happened in such a short time.  Well, it didn’t feel like such a short time, parts of it seemed like it was going to last for eternity!  But it is over… it is done… and I marvel.

A few words to catch you up. We found no room to sleep in.  An innkeeper offered us a place to stay… with his animals.  That is all that was left.   

 At least we weren’t out on the street… in the cold with  so many other families not as fortunate.

Not long after settling down, it all started.  The pain grew more intense as the minutes clicked by.  I knew it was time.  Poor Joseph, I chuckle now at his reactions.  He seemed so unsure of himself. So uncertain. Second guessing and so concerned. (Being a carpenter, birthing is not something he is so familiar with.)

I now hold in my arms, a precious bundle...a very sweet boy.  He is so tiny, so frail, so helpless.  He will rely on me for his clean dry clothes, his every need and cry attended to, and even for his daily nutritional needs.   

He is amazing.  He is my son.   

He is the Son of God. 

He has such a tiny bit of hair.  Not enough to call it so really.. But if the light is just right, it is definitely there.  I am amazed at how tiny his little fingers are… all wrapped around one of mine so firmly. I’m savoring his sweet baby smell, the clear definitions of each feature on his face… his nose, his lips, his eyes.  When he sleeps his little eyelashes lay so softly and gently on his rosy round cheeks.  

He has ten fingers and ten toes… I counted.  He makes some of the funniest, some of the sweetest, some of the most precious faces.  His eyes are barely open… but they have been open nonetheless.  And he has a great set of lungs!  He made his own announcement of his arrival. :-)   

He has settled down now and is laying so peacefully in my arms.

Guess what we will name him?  His name will be Jesus. (just as the angel instructed)  :-)  I have wrapped him in extra cloths.  I have already learned he prefers them wrapped tight and snug around his small form.  Joseph is filling the manger with fresh hay. The animals will have to wait for their food.  Somehow, they don’t seem to mind. 

As the eyes of my sweet baby Jesus close… so must mine.  I am exhausted beyond words - still exhausted.  But nothing can exceed the joy and peace My Jehovah has provided for me this very night.


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