What Others Say

"Your place is welcoming like a bright morning kitchen, with coffee on and a Bible on the table." ~ Sis

"I think what sets you apart and makes you distinctive is your focus on things eternal in the midst of everyday circumstances." ~ Anonymous

"You are transparent about your struggles and triumphs and quick to share relevant Scriptures. We all have common battles and need the encouragement from each other to keep our eyes on the Lord. You do a fantastic job of that here." ~ Laura

"It is always nice to read what you write. If it is something familiar to me I find it a quiet restful place, but more often than not, you encourage me to think hard and reach for ever more of God." ~ Mrs. Pear

"I just love your blog. It radiates your relationship with the Lord. It gives me Hope and insight. It reflects love of family and community.  It has sincere depth." ~ Barbara

"I regularly check in and find your articles inspiring - you have given me amazing insight during darker times in my relationship with God." ~ Luke

"Thank you for fixing our eyes on Christ." ~ Angie

"You have ministered to my heart, challenged me with your depth of thought, and brought me to tears several times." ~ Pam

"You really are not alone in your little corner very much! Your visitors come so often because it is such a great place to visit!" ~ Faith

"Your Quiet Corner is one of the nicest places in all of Blogville. I'm so glad to have found it!" ~ Chappyswife