Mary's Journal Entry 10: Visitors in the Night

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The following as if journaled from the perspective of Mary, the mother of Jesus...
I believe the smile on my face has been permanently plastered there.  Both my mouth and my heart are grinning.  Just a few hours ago figures darkened the entry.   

At first I was a bit alarmed at what these men might want with us?  And then they came closer.  They were not travelers that had come for the census. 

Instead, they were shepherds.  I could tell they were torn between utter joy and excitement hiding behind uncertainty and slight awkwardness at being with us.  As soon as one broke the silence and started talking, they all started.  We pieced together their words to learn their story.   

Watching sheep. Bright light. Angels. Afraid they were dying. A choir of angels. A Savior has been born. Town of David. Sign is a baby wrapped in cloths and in a manger. 

They had a look in their eyes I could not escape.  They were awestruck.  They were so very tender, excited, and amazed all at the same time.  They continued to inch closer so very slowly.  I could sense in their spirits they wanted to run forward, to swoop up my Jesus, to just stare at him.   

And so I offered.

Some of them were to unsure to hold him, but a few chose to.  And I sat back in the shadows… and watched.  I observed as their large, hard working, calloused hands caressed his tiny, soft cheeks.  I intently watched as their tired, old eyes gazed deep into his.  I strained to hear the whispers these grown, dirty, disheveled men were whispering into the ear of my baby.  I was quiet.   

I attempted to disappear from the picture.  I so desperately wanted this moment to last forever.  To watch in admiration, awe, and humility as these strangers, these men, these shepherds became friends… through the gift of a baby.  And not just any baby… my baby.  They were so loving, so gentle, so peaceful with my son… the Son of God. 

I don’t even know how long they stayed.  Time seemed to stop, to stand still as my son ministered to the hearts of these men.  They seemed so touched in such a personal way just being in his presence, little as he is. 

The time came that they left.  I almost hated to see them go.  But as they left, the smile on my face formed.  These men took on the spirits of young boys.  They were so excited they seemed out of their right minds.  They began talking to anyone, everyone… telling them all they had seen and heard.  I heard the beginnings of their message just outside in the streets as soon as they left.

So, here I sit.  Remembering, treasuring, pondering… I want to take the time to savor every moment of this evening.  I’m afraid to let it end.  It has been more than I could have hoped or imagined.  I don’t want to lose the memory of it.  I want it to be stamped forever on my heart for all eternity. 

This is not how I had envisioned, planned, or thought it would be.  But God’s thoughts are indeed not mine and his ways are always greater than mine.

May the details of this moment become a part of my very being as I remember, ponder, and treasure. 

Thank you my Jehovah, provider of memories treasured.


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