Friday's Fave Five: Favorites in the Routine

Hello Friday! It's time to share some of my favorites from this last week. Thanks to Susanne for hosting this each week.

I could start with the fact that this is actually being posted on Friday instead of Saturday as last week's was. Not only on Friday, but before noon. Now that should be a double favorite!

After the emotions of the last few weeks, it really was a more settled and routine week. Of course it was welcomed.

As I look over the past week, it really has had a number of favorites woven through the days of my routine.

1. Snow Caps in Sunshine: The majority of this week found the sun shining in almost 60 degree temps. While driving around town free of a heavy winter coat, I noticed the surrounding snow capped mountains. Beautiful.

2. Security: One evening leaving work I noticed a man sitting in his car in the parking garage. Harmless I'm sure, but after having been stalked by a patient early in my nursing career and being escorted to our cars after every shift, my awareness of the surroundings in the parking garage has been greatly increased even all of these years later. Imagine my relief as just seconds after I noticed the man, I saw security drive in. They were present until I was safely locked in my car. I couldn't have been more relieved.

3. A date with my son: My son invited me out for an evening together. Without being reminded, he even opened the doors for me as gentlemen do . The Jr. High drama class (classmates of his) put on a delightful production that found us enjoying an evening of laughter together. The fact that we personally knew the majority of those in it made it even that more enjoyable.

4. Sweet voice singing: The little guy was already in bed. The older two children had gone to their rooms to get ready for bed. My husband and I looked at each other and smiled as the voice of our daughter rang out loud and strong from her room singing, "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus". Just the reminder I needed at the end of a long day.

5. Self Identification: We were asking our little guy the names of various family members and having him say them. (or the names he uses for that person.) When I put my hand on his two year old head and said, "Who is this?" he replied, "Baby" and my heart melted. I'm not sure what exactly generated the particular reaction in my heart, but it was absolutely a precious thing to me in that moment.

BONUS: From 4 to 5: It was ONE YEAR AGO TODAY that we brought our little guy home. We had left our home a couple of weeks earlier as a family of four, and entered the doors of our home one year ago today as a family of five. A favorite for sure!
As always, each one of you are one of my favorites. You are not favorites from just this week, but favorites in every week! I really do appreciate you.

What favorites did you find woven in the days of your routine this last week?


  1. Amazing that it has been a whole year already with your little guy. Lovely fives, Donnetta. It's been a busy week and I have meant to comment on your posts but I've enjoyed them, esp the Oswald Chambers quote.

  2. This is a great list. I love how you've found blessings in your children. How special to have a night out with your son! You're raising him right;)

  3. A very special "anniversary" to celebrate. I can't believe that year since you brought him home has gone so fast!

    Just thinking of your daughter singing out to the Lord brought a smile to my face. How precious to hear one's children loving on God!

    So cool that your son would ask his mom for a night out. Sounds like it was a special time for you both.

    I was admiring the the snow capped mountains on our way to the big city last weekend too. So beautiful when the sun hits them on a beautiful day and they seemed so big.

    Security guards deserve a reward for their jobs that they do just in the fact that bring reassurance and safety to others.

  4. It is more fun to watch a play when you know some of the performers. And how wonderful to spend an evening alone with your son. A great investment in his future.

  5. I love looking for favorites among the routine.

    I think mine would be faces -- the faces of friends and loved ones I see each day, who love and support me in good times and bad.

    Happiest of anniversaries, that one year with the "baby"!

  6. My boy is 5. Maybe I can look forward to a Son-Mom date someday. Thanks for sharing your FFF.

    Have a great weekend.

    p.s. check out the giveaway on my blog

  7. I love and am saddened that both our little guys are a year and what a year.


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