Celebrating Late

I missed it. I was on a break when the date passed. Since I missed the official date, I wasn't going to say anything.

However, after taking time to re-consider, I have decided it is a milestone worth mentioning. It is an accomplishment I should celebrate. Join with me in the celebration.

December 30, 2009 was my 4th bloggy anniversary. That means I have started into my 5th year of blogging!

Although I just moved to this address months ago, I have officially been in My Quiet Corner for 4 years inviting your presence to join me.

Each one of you have made this a tremendously enjoyable place for me to be. I really enjoy my time here. I hope you do also!!

Without each one of you, My Quiet Corner would be, well... too quiet!!

Thank you for joining me here! Thank you for the words of encouragement and support you give. Thank you for the prayers you offer up. Thank you for the friendship you extend. Thank you for the smiles you bring. Thank you for the inspiration you provide. I have truly been blessed!

After 4 years of sharing fears, laughter, struggles, a bloggy move and all else that life entails... I wonder, who all is still gathering in My Quiet Corner?

Celebrate with me! Let me know that you stop by and bless My Quiet Corner with the presence of YOU.

(For newer bloggers: If you read a blog but do not comment, you are affectionately considered a lurker. To delurk, leave a comment to let other's know you are here. Learn how to comment here. ) :-)

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  1. Congratulations on beginning your 5th year! I am in my 2nd and have finally gotten the hang of it.

    I LOVE your posts. You are honest,inspiratonal and even entertaining! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your blogging life! My life is richer for having gotten to know you better!

    Thanks again,

  2. Congratulations! I learn and am inspired everytime I stop by. Thanks! *;)

  3. I have loved reading your thoughts for a long, long time! You not only helped me by fixing my blog, you help me daily with your attitude!

    If I lived near you, I would visit you!

  4. Donnetta Congratulations. You have blessed me in more ways than I can say. You continue to inspire me to be better and lead me to pursue Jesus more in my life. I have to admit that I miss Sacred in the Ordinary, but when I think of it I see it every minute of every day. Thank you for your blog. God is leading you and working through you.

  5. Happy Blogaversary, Donneta!

  6. Congratulations! Happy blogging!

  7. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Hi there! Congratulations on 5 years of blogging, that is quite a milestone! Just wanted to say - I accidentally stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago and added the address to my "favorites". (Well i suppose God enjoyed my little 'accident'!)I regularly check in and find your articles inspiring - you have given me amazing insight during darker times in my relationship with God. May God bless you,
    South Africa


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