Friday's Fave Five: On Saturday

The fact that I am posting this weeks Friday favorite five on Saturday afternoon gives you a small glimpse into how my week has gone. It's just been one of those weeks. Ever have one?

So thankful that as I look back there have been favorites intermingled in the midst of it.

1. Having a friend over for conversation and reconnecting. I was more than happy to make coffee, but she offered to brink Starbucks. I accepted. She even brought brownies for the kids, Starbucks no less.

2. An evening of card making with ladies (aka friends) from church.

3. An invitation to a concert from a co-worker. I won't be able to go, but the fact that she would think of me and invite me was a blessing.

4. A full roast beef dinner at my in laws to celebrate my hubby's birthday which is next week. It was one less meal I had to plan and prep. A gift in such a week!

5. Last, but certainly not least, Susanne. Not only does she host this event every week, but she so graciously allowed me to link my Friday list today, on Saturday.

It is definitely a favorite when others are gracious and understanding in some of life's more chaotic times. This is not the first time Susanne has extended these things. Thanks Susanne!

So tell me, what was your week like? What favorites did you find in the middle of it?


  1. Just reading your opening lines made me smile. I love that you had a busy week and still came and participated. Starbucks, cards and an invite, you have the makings for a sweet week right there. Busy, but sweet!

  2. Yes, it's been one of those weeks here, too. Glad you had some thoughtful gifts during the week to ease the way.

  3. Donneta,
    I can certainly relate to hectic weeks.
    Coffee with friends is one of my favorite events too. And how thoughtful that she brought brownie's for your kids. A true friend.

  4. I can totally relate and have those weeks myself, Donnetta! Hope this next week is a bit more easy going on you!

    You've had some lovely blessings this week. You gotta love a friend who arrives with Starbucks and brownies!

    It's too bad you can't go to the concert, but the invite was nice.

    And happy birthday to your hubby. That sounds like a wonderful dinner he (and you)was blessed with!

  5. Oh, my...I have certainly had weeks like this!

    It's great that you had family and friend time, though. That makes it worth it!

    Happy weekend, happy spring.

  6. Ooooh, it's my hubby's birthday this week, too! :) And we had a full Sunday dinner of stromboli w/ my family this afternoon to celebrate. Happiness.

    A busy weekend for us means I am starting to get som energy back... that's a fave for me.

    And you. You are a fave. ;) Happy weekend, friend.


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