How To Comment on a Blog

Just last week it came to my attention three different times that there are people who don't know how to comment on a blog. I even had one person who reads my blog tell me she doesn't know how to comment.

If you are one of those that are feeling this way, please do not feel embarrassed by it! There once was a time that I was feeling much the same way. Forgive us for having talked all around you without giving you the opportunity to join in. Let me see if I can help.

Find Where to Comment

Different blogs are set up differently. Some have you comment at the bottom of a post (the article that has been written) and other styles have you leave your comment at the top of the post.

Blogs also do not necessarily use the words "comment". It might be thoughts shared, discussions, or other wording.

Here at My Quiet Corner, at the bottom of the post you will see my signature. Under that you will notice 3 small pictures. If you click on those they will take you to other posts on my blog.

Under those three pictures you see the words "joining the conversation" with a number in front of it.

How To Comment

Once you find where to leave your comment, click on that.

Here at My Quiet Corner, when you click on "joining the conversation" another small box should appear. This is what is known as the comment box. Type your comment in the box under where it says "leave your comment."  (Note:  you may need to scroll down to find the comment box itself.)

Select Your Identity

If you aren't sure what any of the options are, include your name in the comment itself and select anonymous as your identity.

Some blogs do not allow anonymous comments so you will have to create an account to comment.

Publish Your Comment (Put it on the blog.)

Just click on "publish comment" and it will do the rest.

On some blogs you will have one final step of word verification. This is just typing the letters you see into an area to confirm that you are a real person.  I have added this step due to the amount of spam I was getting.

Again, there are many different types of blogs. The best way to familiarize yourself with each type is to just start commenting.

New Blogger Tip: If you are new to blogging and want others to stop by to read yours, you need to comment on other blogs. This allows them to find you!

xperienced bloggers: How about demonstrating how it is done? In the process of commenting:

* Feel free to add, expand or tell what I may have missed in this post about commenting

* Leave another basic blogging tip that a newer blogger might be interested in. (Or someone considering starting a blog.)

* If the comment area on your blog is in a different place than the bottom, maybe you could leave that location in your comment here and others can come and see the difference.

* Or just say Hi. :-)

If you have never commented before and have been shy about doing so, this might be a great time! No one will know if you are giving it a go for the first time or commenting as a seasoned commenter. ;-)


  1. Anonymous11:54 AM

    thanks for the info ~Becky Bishop

  2. Great post, Donnetta. Something many of us take for granted. I have to say, though, that Blogger has been having problems "validating" open ID commenters -- they have several formats for comment/captcha/validation and one of them never works. Thankfully, the style you have works great for me!

  3. Posting a comment seems to be the only thing I know how to do lately! :)

  4. Anonymous8:58 PM

    May the Lord continue to bless you.
    I found your blog a week ago, and I read your post daily but never left a comment. Thanks for sharing the info.

  5. Anonymous8:58 PM

    May the Lord continue to bless you.
    I found your blog a week ago, and I read your post daily but never left a comment. Thanks for sharing the info.

  6. I remember how intimidating commenting was when I first started reading.

    One little tip I have that I found helpful was the preview button on comments. You can push that and see how it will look in the comments. Then you can make changes if you need to before you publish. Also after you've published your comment and see that you might have made an error you can click on the little garbage can in your comment and that will take you to a delete confirmation page. It took me a long time to figure out what that garbage can was for. LOL.

    I would like to know if anyone knows how to do links in the comments.

  7. Ummm - HI!

    I try to comment when I have time. Sometimes it takes me a while because I'm "digesting" though!

    I love comments on my blog. BUT if you're a blogger and you want to build and keep traffic, you've got to post on a regular basis.

    I'm not there yet!

  8. Timely post Donetta, just yesterday I was visiting a blog and it took me forever to find the comment button...they had it up at the top of the post, but the blog was so busy I couldn't find it. KISS ~ my advice ~ keep it simple sweetie!


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