Sacred in the Ordinary: Window Smudges

I am tempted to search for the extraordinary. I catch myself longing for the incredible. I fight the urge to notice the spectacular. In doing so, I risk missing the most extraordinary, incredible and spectacular of all... the sacred in the ordinary.

My Moment...

This week as I looked through the picture window of our living room, I noticed all the smudging that was present. Initially I saw it as one more thing to do. As I continued to think of and look at the smudges, somehow my reaction began to change.

I recognized them to be mostly from our little guy. He enjoys climbing on the couch and pressing his little hands and face to the window. Suddenly the smudging represented something entirely different than work.

The window smudges signified eager exploration, interest in learning, delight in observing...a world waiting.

The window smudges represent life inside my home. Life of children as they peer into what awaits them. Life that will take them into that world all too quickly. Life that is passing at breathtaking speeds.

Someday, I will clean those windows and they will stay smudge free for days, weeks and perhaps even months. Today, I am learning to treasure and appreciate my window smudges. Today, they prove life thrives in my home, and it is free to learn and be all it can be.

What ordinary moment became sacred to you this week?

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"There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day." -Alexander Woollcott


  1. I linked through McLinkey. Hopefully it will work. If not check out my site: www.nictomsmom.blogspot.com.

    By the way I love the smudges in your windows and will now appreciate mine.

  2. Very sweet. Too often the Martha in me whines about smudges. But I'm learning to be Mary and find the one thing that is important. Thanks for the reminder! Aloha!

  3. How wonderful Donnetta! What you have discovered yourself is so true. They grow up entirely too quickly and I think one day I will be longing to clean a few smudges.

    I didn't participate this week. An insane weekend on my plate but will give it a try next weekend.


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