Sacred in the Ordinary meets Mr. Linky

Each week I post an ordinary moment that became sacred to me the previous week as I slow the pace of my schedule and treasure the ordinary moments of the day. It is changing the way I approach my days. I invite you to do the same.

I am going to begin including Mr. Linky on the posts. Feel free to post the moment you stopped to notice on your own blog and link up.

Your linked post can be detailed, simple, include photos or be just words. I ask that whatever you post and link to be family friendly.

The purpose of Mr. Linky is to connect those of us who have done a Sacred in the Ordinary post. Those who link and have not done a Sacred in the Ordinary post will be deleted from Mr. Linky.

When directing to your post, please link directly to that specific post using a permalink and not to your homepage. This makes it easier for people to find your post.

I also ask that you please keep Mr. Linky for Sacred in the Ordinary here at My Quiet Corner and link back here to My Quiet Corner in your post.

If you do not have a blog, I invite you to participate by leaving your moment in the comment section each Saturday!

Thanks to each one for participating. I am encouraged as you stop and treasure what seem like ordinary moments in your week. I hope in the process of posting our moments together, we will be encouraged to continue to recognize those moments as we meet new people and focus on slowing our schedules and lives in an often chaotic seeming pace... finding Sacred in the Ordinary... together.

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