Friday's Favorite Five

Stew is on the menu for tonight. I will be starting it soon to allow for the simmering and blending of so many wonderful flavors coming together to make a full and complete stew.

I feel like my favorite things from this week are similar to the stew I am preparing to make. A hodge podge of many things, that when put together made for a full and complete week.

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and let's talk about the favorite things in our week hosted by Susanne.

1. Leisurely Pace: I had arranged for my MIL to have the little guy so I could be free of distractions during my interview with the radio station this week. After dropping him off I learned the interview would need to be postponed.

My MIL offered to go ahead and keep him since she was already planning on it. That meant I had unexpected but welcome time to myself. I found I didn't get anything extra done, but I was able to leisurely accomplish what I did get done. What a blessing that was!

2. No Cavities: The children had dentist appointments this week. Great report... No Cavities!

3. Prayer:
I have been asking the Lord to teach me to pray. A personal situation came up this week that has driven me to my knees in desperate prayer. While I was praying, I was thinking about how I did not even fully know how to pray in this situation. I was at a complete loss for words.

I was reminded that I have been asking to be taught how to pray. This situation that started out as discouraging to my heart is now being embraced as a lesson in learning to pray. I've got so much to learn!

4. Candles: I have been desiring Bath and Body's scented candle "Leaves" for over a year now. I couldn't bring myself to purchase it at full price, but every time it was on sale they were sold out. It was mentioned in passing to my MIL. She surprised me and gifted me with it for no reason whatsoever. What a fun surprise!! I have been burning it almost daily since. YUM!

5. YOU!: Those that meet me here and the fans on my facebook page are always favorites in my week. However, you were an extra blessing to me this week! I appreciate each one of you!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When I started to think about what were favorites in my week, I wasn't sure I could come up with five. It's just been on of those weeks...

As I started to write out the little things that were blessings, it turned out there were really so many that I hadn't even taken the time to notice. Little things that in and of themselves don't seem like much, but when added together make for quite a blessed week.

What things has your week been blessed with, big or small?


  1. I always start out that way...what am I going to write and then it just pops out! I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I've had a few weeks like that. I really liked that this exercise made me look for blessing in the midst of it, and the same as you I found them, they are there.

    You MIL sounds like a wonderful person. Taking the little guy and giving a gift. I love that the leaves scent. My hubby got it for me and I've been burning it lots. I'll be sad when it runs out.

  3. I love it when someone gives me a new candle. Candles always make a home so cozy.

  4. What a nice week! And don't you just love your MIL! I have been blessed with such a sweet one too! I sometimes find I don't know how to pray in certain situations! I have to ask the Holy Spirit to pray for me!

  5. How nice to have a little unexpected window of time. I like your #3 -- it seems the Lord will quite quickly answer a prayer expressing the desire to learn.

  6. Lovely week! Isn't it great when at the end of the week you find out that you have so much to be thankful for?

    Have a good weekend!


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