Friday's Fave Five

What a roller coaster week this has been! I thought last week was a full schedule of events and emotions. This week has followed along in a similar pattern.

I don't know that this list is a list of favorites as much as it is a list of what I am thankful for this week. It has turned out to be a week that required looking for gratefulness to be forefront!

1. Vacation Bible School: We have had almost 90 children each night ranging in age from preschool to 6th grade. I have led 2.5 hours of music with each of those children each night. Although it requires a lot of energy, the smiles and voices that radiate back to me are worth every bit of it!

2. Cooler Weather: Finally, today we woke up to temp's of mid 50's. For a few weeks now we have been in the 90's only cooling to 70's at night. Today is a forecasted high of 78. We just may feel cold.

3. My Teen Son: As I lead music at VBS, his role was to be the timekeeper for the program. He kept everyone moving and on schedule. During small breaks he came to me each night to see if I wanted him to get me what the snack of the night was. He is turning into quite the thoughtful young man... even thinking of his ol' ma!

4. LIFE:

* Celebrating my own life today as it is my birthday.

* Celebrating the life of my daughter as she turned 12 yesterday. Her road of 12 years has not been an easy one but she has lived it so courageously. We are so proud of her!

* Celebrating life overall. Having a friend in ICU unexpectedly brings one suddenly face to face with perspective and reality. It causes one to ponder so many things taken for granted.

5. Church Family: This is one of those things I so often take for granted, but have been reminded of how blessed and fortunate I am! What a privilege to watch and participate as each one rallied around our friends in the hospital. Also observing the love, care and support to each other as we together immersed ourselves in VBS knowing our hearts were praying in unison for our friends at the hospital was an amazing thing. I am so fortunate to not only call these people my friends... but to fondly think of them and refer to them as family!!

That was my week. Not what I would have planned. Not what I would have chosen. Not even what I would have wanted. A week affirming that life is about so much more than me!

A week full of blessings. A week being reminded of the simpler things so often taken for granted that are really some of the most important. A week of diligent praying and seeking. A week of friendship, love, life and gratefulness.

My week has limited my ability to get around to all of you. It has been quite full and focused quite literally on life. What about yours?


  1. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Donetta, happy birthday to you! I hope it is the best yet!!! :)

  2. Great list! I have two teenage boys and 12YO girl. There's nothing sweeter than watching those boys grow into caring and thoughtful young men. The teen years for my girl will be a whole 'nother story (I'm gold), but I'm looking for the sweetness there as well.

  3. VBS is great! How wonderful that you can participate with your son. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy birthday, Donetta! Definitely an up and down week for you. Though your VBS schedule sounds exhausting, I'm glad you had the help of your son and the energy of the children.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONNETTA! You have had a full week indeed. Your life is truly a blessing.
    Praying for your friend.

  6. happy birthday to you and to your daughter! We had VBS this week too...but only about 1/10 in size... this is the first time for our church! It was fun!

  7. Happpy birthday!!!!!


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