Turning Twelve

The day has finally arrived. There has been a countdown happening in our house.


* is a big day
* is a day of celebrating
* ends the countdown

Today... our little girl turns 12 years old!

Some of you know her story. You know that she faced death as a newborn due to an illness that left brain injury. You know that some things in life are just a bit more difficult for her due to this.

Many of you also walked the road with us just 3 years ago when she once again stared eternity in the face and won. Complications from that event still rear it's ugly head now and then making life a bit more complicated to navigate as well.

Being only one year away from being a teenager has become a big deal for her. She has been awaiting this day with mixed emotions. She looks forward to being a teenager. However, I think she is also a bit apprehensive.

She has been asking me lately, "Mom, is it hard being a teenager?"

Please help me to put her mind at ease. Would you share something you found fun and exciting about being a teenager? Of course a simple birthday wish would also be a special treat for her!


  1. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful girl you are becoming! One thing I loved about being a teenager....you get to really start developing a sense of yourself and who you are, but you still have the help of your parents to help you learn through some of the tough stuff. It is a GREAT time!

  2. Happy birthday to your darling girl! I was twelve when I decided to put my trust in Christ. I remember feeling the loneliness of some friendships that had gone bad and I wanted to have Jesus in my life, Someone who would never leave me. What I looked forward to as a teen was learning to do things for myself: driving, working, working at schooling in preparation for college. I wasn't a particularly social girl, but God gave me one good friendship in high school that still exists today. I hope your daughter will find good friends in her teen years.

  3. Happy Belated birthday!!! 12 is a fun year.

  4. I'm just getting caught up.

    Happy Birthday birthday girl! My son turned 12 eight months ago and is eagerly lookign forward to being a teenager. Each month that passes brings just a little more freedom - a cell phone, going to bed a little later, choosing and preparing his own snacks... He's having a great time!


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