Friday's Fave Five

It's going to be another hot one pushing 100 here today. Please stay as long as you'd like to get in out of the heat and refresh yourself.

What a week it has been around here. Here are five of my favorites...

1. Baptisms in the River: Each year we take church to the river. We have services there and then rejoice as baptisms take place in the river. This event is a highlight of the year for me.

2. Homemade Ice Cream: I had this for the second time in two weeks. YUM!

3. Quiet Time: One day this week the children slept in. I took advantage of the extra quiet time... just me and my God. No better way to start a day!

4. Guest posting for Sandy at 4 Reluctant Entertainers. What a fun day this was. To each one of you that has stopped by and even decided to join us here on a regular basis, welcome! It is such a pleasure to have you!

Regardless of how you came here, please pull up a chair and make yourself right at home. We invite you to join in on the conversation anytime! You are most welcome here!

5. Adoption Day. It's official. We are now a family of 5! Need I say more?

Bonus: I have one other moment that was a favorite this week, but I am using it as my Sacred in the Ordinary moment. Stop by tomorrow to learn what it was. I haven't stopped thinking about how blessed I was by the experience!

My week has been full of emotions, new experiences, busy schedules and extra quiet time. What about yours?


  1. Just found your blog last week, and truly enjoy your quiet corner. :) Congrats on the adoption! That is so awesome. God be with you and your family of 5.

    My week has held so much as we prepare to move into a new home. Same town, just different space. Lots of reminiscing and lots of excitement, kind of a hovering between extreme sadness over leaving a home we love and extreme giddiness to make a new house home.

  2. Wow, those are some significant faves for this week! An adoption - wow.

  3. You have truly had a great week. Congrats again on your adoption and becoming an official family of 5!

  4. Hi...what a wonderful week you have had! Mine was pretty nice too just being able to spend some time at home enjoying some pleasant weather and time of getting out early for morning walks...stopping beside a quiet stream for a bit of reflection in wonder of our God. We are excited for a Granddaughter to be born in Sept. and adopted into our family. We are still in amazement and filled with joy.
    Love your blog....thanks for all.

  5. I am taking delight in your week. What wonderful blessings Donnetta. God is so very good and how you delight His heart as you recognize and give thanks for each of them.

  6. I love the first four but #5 is amazing! Congratulations and good for you!

  7. I cannot even imagine pushing 100 degrees :::thud:::

    Our church summer baptism in a lake is coming up in a couple of weeks. It is one of my favorite things, too :-)

    Tammy ~@~

  8. I jumped over here from nikkipolani's blog and wow, what a refreshing blog you have. :)
    Congratulations on fav #5!

  9. I am so happy for you for #5! Little tears of joy...

    Have a happy weekend!

  10. Wow! What a wonderfully blessed list. I was baptized in a river and I will never forget that experience.

    Congratulations on your adoption! I am so excited for your family and I know that God has entrusted this little guy to you for a very special reason.

  11. Just saw your post about the adoption...congrats!! That was fast wasn't it? *Grin*


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