Winners, Giveaway and a bit of Housekeeping

Hi there. Feel free to kick off your shoes and put your feet up. Take a minute to relax...


I wish I could have sent EVERYONE a gift from last week as I so enjoyed the presence of each and every one of you! The random winners are:

Photo grouping: Linda
Journal: Cheri
Chocolate: Mrs. Pear
Personal note: Shawntele

Congrats to each of you!

Another Giveaway

Heather at Sprittibee is giving $50 to all children's furniture . She is offering multiple ways to be entered. The giveaway closes Fri., July 10 so hurry!


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Today my to do list is quite full. For starters I have groceries to get, laundry to do, and our summer schedule to implement. What's on your list to do today?


  1. I really don't have anything planned for today, other than putting away two loads of laundry, oh and finishing up the crochet bag.

    I think I'm going to watch the Michael Jackson Memorial though, not sure yet.

    Have a great day Donnetta :)

  2. hey donnetta this is your sister Kayla....check out my new blog www.kaylazplace.blogspot.com hope u enjoy!
    *Much Luv*

  3. woo hoo! Thank you so much! I look forward to that gem of a gift card arriving!

    Can I give you my grocery list too? When you stop by afterwards I promise to reward you with fresh made fruit leather (nothing but banana and orange) and fresh baked cookies to counteract all the healthiness of the fruit leather?

  4. Thank you so much again Donnetta. It is such a sweet thing for you to do.
    Today was grocery day for us too. We took a walk this morning before the 100 degree heat revved up once again. Then off to the commissary for groceries.
    We got home in time to unload (my least favorite part), eat lunch and then I had my piano lesson.
    Time to do a bit of this before I have to start supper.

  5. Congrats to all your blessed winners. It's evening right now so no more plans for the day except to wind down. Maybe with a good book.


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