Ministry Online Conference Speakers

The celebrating continues. Day two of links and a gift to welcome you to and celebrate the new location of My Quiet Corner.

I attended my first online conference a few weeks ago. It was hosted by A Woman Inspired with the topic of Online Ministry. These links will direct you to the blogs and websites of the speakers from that four day conference.

I haven't had a chance to get around to all of them yet myself. I can assure you I will be! The conference and each one of the sessions given by these speakers far exceeded my expectations!

Amy Bayliss

Mary Snyder at Girlfriend Gatherings and Getaways

Darcy at Life With My 3 Boybarians

Tracy Jackson at Shots from the Heart

Leah Adams at The Point Ministries

Alyssa Avant at Beauty by Design Ministries

Genikwa Williams at Everyday Repartee

Kristen Schiffman at Dancing in the Margins

Karla Porter at Looking Toward Heaven and Modern Media Mom

Sarah Martin at Live It Out

Carrie McGinty a Marketing, Branding, Communications Coach

Dawn Camp at My Home Sweet Home

Maria Reyes-McDavis at Impact Agent

Leigh Gray at Speaking Thru Me

I just learned this week that you can buy the sessions from this conference. I have listened to different ones multiple times already. Click on the photo to learn more about purchasing the conference.

Today's Gift:

As you visit these links and possibly listen to their conference presentations, you may find yourself encouraged and challenged. You just might feel you need a place to begin recording your thoughts, ideas and encouraging reminders.

Today I am giving away this 200 page spiral bound journal.

To have your name entered to win the journal, tell me: How do you follow your blogs? Do you use bloglines, google reader, or another feed service? Do you save to your favorites or use blogger's service of following blogs? What is your method of keeping current with your favorite reads? (You can recieve updates for this blog by clicking subscribe in the upper right hand corner. You can also choose to follow via bloggers service in in the lower right hand corner.)

Tweet, Facebook, or post at your blog about this giveaway (come back and tell me) and receive another entry.

This giveaway will close tomorrow, Thurs., July 2 at 9 AM (CST) and a random winner will be selected. Please be sure you leave contact information for me to reach you. All winners will be posted on Tuesday, July 7.

Be sure to stop back by again tomorrow for more links and a chance at winning yet another welcome gift in celebration of the new home of My Quiet Corner!


  1. I follow via google reader and have bookmarked my favorite blogs seperately to ensure I do read all the updates

    P.S. I'm stopping over from SITS. Come bunny hop over to http://energizerbunnysmommyreports.blogspot.com/ and enter 2 great giveaways

  2. I follow google reader for some of them and the others I bookmark. I follow too many!

  3. Hi - I use bloglines, but keep telling myself I need to find a new reader and never having the time, plus I would lose all my favorite posts that I bookmarked (saved) for one reason or another.

    I use a reader because it is a quick way to see if my favorites have updated, but I sort them into always reads, sometimes reads, food, homeschooling, etc.... It makes it easier to prioritize.

    And again, I am rushing like a crazy woman...happy housewarming!

  4. I guess I kinda answered this yesterday! I use Bloglines to check in on everyone. A reader comes in really handy for those I follow that only post occasionally - or that take a break while I anxiously wait for their return ;-)

  5. I follow using Google Reader. I am just starting to follow people that I don't 'know'. I've been following friends blogs for a few years now.

    I've posted the giveaway on my facebook.

    Pretty notebook!

  6. I get a few of them emailed to me and the rest I just drop by. Either from the link list on my own blog, a tweet, or because I think of that person. :D

  7. Donetta, I 'follow' blogs that I really love, ones that I like to comment on, ones in which I hope to get to know the author of. The rest I subscribe to in google reader, just to keep an eye on. Cute journal BTW! :)

  8. oops missed this one but I'll still answer the question. I use bloglines to keep up.


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