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Welcome. Thanks for stopping by! Yet another day of celebrating the new location of My Quiet Corner via links and a welcome gift.

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The Homeschool Post (If you previously had this linked, be sure to update your feeds to this new link. They had some domain issues and had to move.)

Heart of the Matter Online

What others am I missing?




Christian Women Online

Blissfully Domestic

What other ones am I missing?

Today's Gift:

Due to the amount of information contained in today's links, it may take you awhile to peruse all they have to offer. Of course that will probably require something to eat in the process.

Today I am offering a $25 gift card for GODIVA Chocolates.

Tell me... Why do you read blogs? What type of blogs and posts do you tend to read? Is there a certain topic, content or style that you are looking for, that keeps you coming back for more? Share this with me and you automatically have an entry to win.

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This giveaway will close tomorrow, Fri., July 3 at 9 AM (CST) and a random winner will be selected. Please be sure you leave contact information for me to reach you. All winners will be posted on Tuesday, July 7.

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  1. I read blogs because it's a way to stay connected. Not just to people I actually know, but to others who share my interests, views, and passions.

    I live far from family, and my friends are scattered across the states. Through blogging I find encouragement and support as a wife, mother, nurse, friend, and Christian.

  2. I started reading blogs out of curiosity, and wanting to learn about certain things, and then I found friends online (you could probably name at least 1 of them!) and I pretty much read everything they post! Plus some friends bribe you with the temptation of chocolate!

    Right now I read the bloggers who are dear to me, and I like to read about homeschooling, saving money on groceries (i.e. where the sales and coupons are), and about cooking and keeping a home in general (not just housekeeping, big difference.)

  3. Chocolate, yum! Have you ever visited The Homeschool Lounge? It is not actually a blog but a great homeschooling group online. I lean towards homeschooling and Christian related blogs for the most part, with the occasional food or homemaking blog thrown in for good measure.

  4. I read funny blogs and mom blogs. My daughter isn't of school age, yet, but maybe when's she's of that age, I'll be looking into homeschooling/schooling blogs!
    -Mandie P.

  5. Tweeted! @justwemoms


  6. blogged this!


    -Mandie P.

  7. Ohhhhh...yum! Pick me! Pick me!

    I read blogs to get ideas/inspiration that will benefit my faith, my family or my home. Favorite topics are recipes, homeschooling, creative parenting ideas, fun activities for kids, and thing that encourage me in my walk with God.

    Thanks for the great giveaways Donnetta!

  8. I enjoy reading blogs from family members and friends.

    edmund 2 (at) bellsouth dot net

  9. This is a bit of a toughie. I read different blogs for different reasons. Some for friendship, others for ideas, others for the style of writing.

  10. I read blogs for creative ways to keep my 3 year old engaged, for a good laugh, encouragement in the faith and another big time reason....TO BE THRIFTY AND SAVE SAVE SAVE with the greatest deals and coupons out there!

  11. I guess I'm with a lot of your other commentors - I read a variety of blogs for a variety of reasons.

    When I started reading blogs it was to keep in touch with friends. Now, it's to keep in touch with friends old AND new, to learn ways to save money, to get new recipes, to grow closer to God through others' words, to share common experiences (the whole I AM NOT ALONE IN FEELING LIKE THIS concept).

    Why do I stop reading some blogs then? Nasty language. Nasty attitudes. A focus solely on "poor me". I don't have time for that - and it doesn't enrich anything in my life.

  12. Interesting question which I had to ponder a bit as I thought about the blogs I tend to regularly visit. I would have to say that the majority of my blog reading is for fellowship with other Christian women. Perhaps that has something to do with my age? I dunno?

    Tammy ~@~


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