My Battle Plan... and a Freebie!

I shared last week that, although I don't have a "war room", I was using a journal and 3x5 cards during my prayer time.  I also shared that I was going to re-work them to be more strategic after having seen the movie "War Room".

I wanted to share with you what I have done in the event that it helps you to begin to picture how you might be more strategic in prayer if you can't create a room.  I combined my cards and journal into one...

Here, my friends, is my Strategic Battle Plan!

I found this ringed, plastic covered, elastic strap securing set with some blank cards already in it at the store for right at $2.  Sold!

I brought it home and, having already had a hole punch at home, took my current cards and punched them.

I also created cards for the different areas that I pray through every day.  These are all written out on colored cards and inserted into the stack.

Those categories are as follows:

* Preparation
* Praise (recognizing who God is)
* Confession
* Thanksgiving (recognizing what God has done)
* Silence
* Intercession (praying for others)
* Supplication (requests for myself)
* Guidance
* Commitment and Empowering

After each one of these colored category cards, there are cards with quotes and thoughts that help to get me focused, challenged, and thinking on that specific category of prayer.

I had already created and have used for a couple of years now 30 days of varying Scriptures on a document that I have put onto my Kindle that correspond with each of the categories listed above. (This idea and excerpts taken from the book:"Quiet Moments in Prayer: Experiencing Life-Changing Conversations with God" by Lloyd John Ogilvie)

When I get to the intercession part of my praying, I have cards in my ringed stack with names and specifics for those names included so that I can just flip right through my stack.

When I get to the supplication and guidance categories, again, I have cards outlining areas that God is working in my own heart and items that I need specific direction on.

At the very end of my stack are hole punched blank cards to have on hand at any time I want to add something else.  I will not need to go looking for a card or hole punch to implement it.  

Although I have been using this specific format for my battle plan for just a few days now, here are a couple of things I've already recognized that I like about it...

It is in such a format that I can take it with me wherever I go.  I've prayed my strategy on the back porch, in my living room... I can even take this with me when I travel.

As the battle plan needs to change, that can be done with easily inserting or removing any particular card that I might need to.

What about you?  I would enjoy hearing about your strategy to approach the battle!  What is your Battle Plan?  Do you have a War Room?  Has this helped you to begin thinking more creatively about what that could look like for you?...

FREEBIE!:  If you would like an electronic copy of the 30 day's of Scripture that I put together that correspond with the categories listed above to begin praying through Scripture every day, please let me know, provide an e-mail address, and I'd be happy to send a copy to you!


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