War Room: What I Appreciated Most... and a Caution

War Room.  Yes, I've been to see it!

Here are a few things I appreciated about the movie...

It Models Praying Scripture

I remember years ago learning the importance of this for myself!  It used to be I would just ramble on and on to God, quickly losing momentum and interest.  Praying Scripture specifically helps me to:

* stay focused in what I'm asking and praying
* be reminded of the promises God has already given
* affirm God's will and heart in what I am praying and what He has already said

It Models Praying for Someone

I remember the moment God clearly convicted me that I needed to stop talking to my husband (more like nagging) and start talking to God for my husband!

Not that my husband was being ungodly, we just couldn't seem to communicate well.  (God also had huge lessons for me in learning to control my attitude that came out via my words.  Can anyone say "ugly spirit"?)

When I am tempted to respond to my husband in a manner that would not be helpful to the conversation in the moment... I try to use that as a cue to instead shut my mouth, say nothing to him directly, and instead pray for him. (and for my own attitude in the moment)  I also pray Scripture specifically for him every day!

This movie did a great job of modeling what that could look like.  (Although I have to say this transition in my heart was not resolved in 2 hours.  ha ha  In fact, this is something I have to work on daily... and sometimes even moment to moment.)

These same principle's and actions can be implemented for other relationships in life as well.

It Models Prayer

* As a first line of defense
* As a battle - the spiritual warfare that it is
* As practical and possible to every day living
* As more than just even a once a day event... but a happening all through the day event

I could go on and on about all the things I so appreciated, but these are just a few.

All 3 of these things I appreciated about the movie are still such areas for growth and change for me... and so the challenge the movie brought to these areas was exciting and inspiring to my own heart and resolve!


Since the release of the movie there has been quite a "buzz".  And rightly so!!  However, in the midst of all of the conversations and comments, I have become aware of something that is directing how I pray for the impact of this movie.

Although I have not personally talked with anyone with direct connections to the filming, I would dare say they would have a similar message...

War Room is not about the room... but the war!

I have heard people that are concerned that they don't have a room.  A space large enough. A place to designate for just this.

I fear we can miss the point if we're not careful.

My take away was that it is about...

* Having a strategy
* Being intentional
* Being consistent
* Being willing to fight in prayer
* Implementing God's Words (Scripture) and not just my own
* Staying persistent
* Changing my own heart to be more like Jesus regardless of what another does

Let us not lose sight that the power doesn't come from the place, but rather from the One being prayed to.

Is it wrong to create a room in which to do spiritual battle?  NO!  By all means... if you can make it happen... DO IT!!

I love the idea of having a place such as this!

But it doesn't have to be a room... 


Right now I am using a journal.  And notecards.  (And I'm re-working both to be even more strategic since having seen the movie.)

But what if it was....

* Post it's on a mirror?
* Or fun paper on a bulletin board?
* Or lists created on a kindle?
* Or other mobile device?
* Or a plain notebook?
* Or steno book?
* Or 3 ring binder with tabs?
* Or......

Friends, the options are endless, which is so super exciting!!

Be strategic.  Intentional.  Consistent.

I don't want to spend so much time wondering about the method that I lose the moments... to PRAY!!!

What about you?:  Have you seen the movie yet?  What did you most appreciate?  What were your take away's?  What is your strategy and/or strategy ideas?  Where/How do you be intentional in prayer?  And if you've not yet started... what obstacles are you facing to begin?

P.S.  If you've not yet seen the movie, plan to!  It is well worth it!!


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