My Voice: My Mission

12/30/05:  This date has great meaning for me as it relates to my blogging. 

That was the day that I started.

Over the years I have read, thought about, and wondered what it means to "find a voice" in blogging.

Recommendations were given to learn what your passions were, and then to write about those.  The problem was, I was quite sure that the things I was most passionate about would leave me on the low end of the spectrum for readers.

And then it was the numbers game.

I don't know exactly how it happened, but the priorities in my mind have reversed.  I don't really care about the big numbers for numbers sake anymore.  Writing about and sharing my passion has tipped the scales in importance.

But how to put that all into words?  And then I heard the following song.

The moment I heard it I knew it helped to put into words my life's passion.  My Mission.  My voice.  Not only for my blog... but for my life. 

Lead You to the Cross
By Tom Lane

Verse 1
This is my storyThis is my song.
My passion and purpose
The mission I’m on
The heart of the matter, when it’s all said and done
I want to lead you to the cross

Verse 2
I’m not the waterI’m not the bread.
But I know the place where your soul is fed.
So hungry and thirsty
Come and be blessed I want to lead you to the cross

Verse 3
I will go with youHere is my hand.
Whatever your burden, wherever you’ve been
We’re all lost and lonely
In a foreign land
I want to lead you to the cross

I will be all things to all men
Just like You, Lord, a sinners friend
That by all means I might save some
I’ll be a candle a stepping stone
A Holy compass to guide you home
There’s no higher call.    Whatever the cost
I want to lead you to the cross


  1. As you write your heart, Donnetta, I am confident He will use your voice to bless and encourage. You always minister to me.

  2. Susanne11:01 AM

    Beautiful words in the song.  And I personally think it describes you perfectly from what I know about you!

  3. MyQuietCorner10:23 PM

     Aw, Thanks Susanne!


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