Marriage Tools

My husband and I have facilitated and led a variety of small groups, including ones on marriage and relationships.

Just because we were leading did not mean our marriage was perfect. We knew and hoped that we would encounter things that we needed to work on. It was our goal.

Let me just say, each and every time... Goal Met!

A good marriage does not just happen, even with being married to a wonderful, godly man.  

Marriage takes work!

There is a bountiful wealth of information and resources available on marriage. However, that is not what makes a marriage work. The information and resources are just tools.

With any tool...

* you have to use it to have results
* it requires work and a desire on the users part
* results often take time

I am thankful for the tools I have been given over the years.

Is your marriage soaring or barely surviving? Maybe it's time for a new tool. Or maybe it's just time to pick up and dust off the ones you already have.

I have been recently motivated to roll up my sleeves and make a wonderful marriage even better. I've got tools in my hand and I'm ready to get to work...

Here is the newest tool I am wielding:  We are reading...

Sacred Marriage:  What if God Designed Marriage to Make Us Holy More Than to Make us Happy?
By Gary Thomas


  1. Susanne9:17 AM

    I started this book last year and then with everything else it just ended up getting set aside.  I will be getting back to it this year. It approaches marriage in a totally different way than any other marriage book I have read.

  2. MyQuietCorner10:22 PM

    I agree, an entirely new and fresh approach. Highlighting mine throughout! WOW is it encouraging and thought provoking all at the same time.


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