Giving... Grace

To have gone so long without being here, I wasn't sure what (or who) to expect when returning.  I knew I would have to remove the dust from the corners and do a bit of tidying up.  I thought perhaps I might even nestle into this place to discover that you had moved on... of which I wouldn't have blamed you one bit!

But instead, you were here, choosing to still come to this place.

How blessed I was!   How blessed I am!

GRACE:  An unmerited gift

Your continued presence.  Your words.

To me... a Gift.  Grace. 

In turn I'd like to extend a gift back to you.  I wish I could give a copy to each one of you!  But, since I can't a drawing will have to suffice.

I am giving a copy of "Cooking with Grace:  A cookbook from Point of Grace".  It is a hardcover with beautiful pictures and delicious recipes.

The drawing will close next Friday, March 15, at 12 Noon Pacific Standard Time (PST).

To be entered in the drawing leave a comment sharing... 

"What glimpse of grace/gift have you noticed recently in your days?"

(Be sure to leave a way that I can contact you should you be drawn as the winner!)


  1. The gift of another day...what a blessing. I've missed reading here. The cookbook looks lovely.
    monk5 at charter dot net

  2. I'm so glad to see you back here. I am spending less time online so I missed yesterday's post. Welcome back. I'm so sorry about the losses but thankful you are beginning to see hope. I will be praying.

  3. Pamela Darbonne10:07 PM

    I don't even want to win the cookbook, though I am sure I would love it. Just wanted to peek into your "quiet corner" and say a hearty "hello!" Donnetta,  I am so glad to see you back here and blogging. I have felt the stirrings lately to return to blogging myself. Grace is evident in my every day life as I wake up to work at home, school at home, and care for my home -- exactly as God has planned for me for this season.

  4. MyQuietCorner10:22 AM

    Yes, another day!  So often I have taken that for granted, but what grace and a gift indeed!

  5. MyQuietCorner10:23 AM

    Less time online is not a bad thing.  :-)  Doing more of that myself.  Thank you for your words and prayers!

  6. MyQuietCorner10:26 AM

    Well a hearty hello to you my friend!  Grinning ear to ear as I read how grace is surrounding your days (and it is being recognized as such)! 

  7. Susanne7:57 PM

    Well hello!  I didn't even know you'd come back.  For some reason by reader did not pick up the first post.  But whatever, I'm glad you are back!  Glimpses of grace have come to me through some beautiful frosty mornings and blue skies that lift my spirits!

  8. MyQuietCorner11:44 PM

    Hello to you friend!  I haven't been back long so you haven't missed much.  :-)  We've had some blue skies recently which I have also noted here. Beautiful frosty mornings for you as well... nice! 

  9. Nikkipolani12:55 AM

    So many graces every day -- from beautiful sunshine and soft breezes (in March!) and all the beautiful things God made for our enjoyment.  I sat outside this afternoon basking in the sunshine and longer sunlight hours to read leisurely through my small group study materials.

  10. MyQuietCorner10:22 PM

     Yes, so many everyday... Your recently noticed ones sound delightful!

  11. mrspear12:04 AM

    I have watched so many extend my MIL grace after her father died this past weekend at the age of 97.  And the Lord's grace in taking him home after a very bad fall.

  12. Miriam Pauline4:28 AM

    Just wanted to say how glad I am to see you back! I'm hit & miss writing at the moment but hope to return soon. Looking forward to reading more here. (no need to enter me for the cookbook since sending internationally doesn't make sense).

  13. MyQuietCorner10:19 PM

    Thank you so much for taking the time to stop and chat! I understand about the "hit and miss" in writing. Looking forward to more "chats" in the future...

  14. MyQuietCorner10:20 PM

    Oh sweet friend, so sorry! What a gift to be able to recognize grace in the midst... {HUGS} Praying...

  15. Oh, so glad to see you here! I didn't see any posts until tonight! I hope all is well! Last time I heard, you were planning to move to do mission work? Has that happened? I've missed you!

  16. MyQuietCorner11:54 PM

    Yes, we moved into the city, but we still have our other house as well and are just praying and taking one day at a time. Feels a bit like Abraham... moving with no defined ending point at this time. :-) Who knows where God will land us on this adventure He is taking us? So glad to "hear" from you!


Thank you for taking a moment to stop and chat. I enjoy the presence of you!