The Risk of Loving

When our team of 12 was preparing to go to the villages of the lake area in Guatemala, we were given many instructions and information as to what to expect. 

Things I did not take the risk on... drinking the water and eating the street food.

But there were a couple of other things I just couldn't help myself with.

We were informed that there was a high possibility that the people could have lice and to be aware of how close we were getting.

Even while we were there one of the FT missionaries thought he might have a fungus on his hands from all of the hands he shakes and personal skin contact he has with the people.

The night I learned of my brother's death, I distinctly remember telling my friends that were with me, "It hurts to love."

I also remember thinking to myself, "How was I going to be able to love on these people knowing the risk it would require, both physically and emotionally?"

Just thinking of the good-byes brought tears to my eyes and I hadn't even gone yet.

I was reminded that Jesus took the greatest risk when He surrendered everything of Himself to love me.  And He calls me to do the same... to love as He has loved me.

So, how did it turn out?....





And now that I stand this side of the tears, the goodbye's, the risk...

I wonder...

Is love really love if it does not risk costing me something?  And how is this risky love to play out in my everyday's of now?  Here?

I invite and challenge you to think through this with me.  But be warned... this much I do know... there is Risk in Loving.

(P.S. One of my friends that went as part of our group is a hairdresser.  I told her upon returning from our work one of the days that I very well may get lice as much as I was loving on those people that day.  She guaranteed me that if I did, she would personally go through my hair to help get rid of it.  She understood, for she found herself loving them just the same.  Now that's a friend!)


  1. Nancygraycejinks8:54 AM

    I'm so glad you didn't let fear keep you from loving on those sweet children!  Our youngest went to Guatemala in high school and what an impact it made!

  2. lindalouise12:38 PM

    Eyes brimming; sending you love. How precious to be the arms and hands of Jesus.

  3. nikkipolani1:11 AM

    That is the look of love in your eyes.  I'm so glad you had a chance to be the love of Christ to these Guatemalans.

  4. MyQuietCorner1:13 AM

    Oh me too... me too! 

    What a great experience for your youngest to have gone in high school.  I'm SO glad we took our high schooler with us as well. 

  5. MyQuietCorner1:14 AM

     It was definitely a precious time Linda!  A gift for my own heart... to be sure!

  6. MyQuietCorner1:17 AM

     Aw, thank you!  I'm so glad I had the chance too!  The blessing came back to me a hundredfold, I am sure!  What a loving people they are...

  7. I love the last picture.  Your joyful faces say it all.  May we all learn this lesson and trust God and take those risks.

  8. MyQuietCorner11:07 PM

     Yes, a lesson I am finding I still need to learn with each passing day.  To trust God and take those risks... more, and more, and more...


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