How to Help Others Memorize (without them even knowing it)

Have you ever wanted to encourage your children to memorize more Scripture?  Or maybe there is someone else that would like to memorize more themselves, but it's just more difficult.

I have recently discovered a way to help others memorize Scripture.  And honestly, we came about it all unknowingly.  It just happened...

I am embarking on a challenge I have never done before.  I am attempting to memorize a huge chunk of Scripture.  Bigger than I've ever attempted before.

I am fully aware that without the help of and supernatural intervening of the Holy Spirit, I will not be able to accomplish this challenge.  And so I have been praying!  And then praying some more.  I also recognize that just praying for His help will not be enough.  It will require determination, hard work, time commitment and perseverance.

Now here's the "surprise", "wow", and "ah ha" moment all wrapped in one.

My daughter has become my biggest companion on this journey.  She is the one that checks me multiple times a day/week.  The beauty in this?... She has mostly memorized the first 8 verses of the selection I am memorizing just by listening to me.


In order to help others memorize (without them even knowing it), start working on something yourself.  Something that will allow for repetition, review, and more repetition.  Ask that person to help you in the process.

Each time you say it they will be looking at it, listening to it, and even saying it as they correct whatever mistakes you may have made.  Oh yeah, and in the process... they will be learning and memorizing it for themselves.

I wonder how much my daughter will have learned by the time I get to my goal?  It excites me just to think of it...

What about you?
Have you found ways to help others memorize with little to no effort on their part?

What are you memorizing?  It doesn't have to start with something large.  Just start with one verse at a time.   Guess what I'm finding?  Even the big sections happen... one verse at a time!  

And if you aren't memorizing, what's holding you back?... 


  1. NancyJinks10:10 PM

    That really is a great way!   Thanks!!

  2. mrspear10:32 PM

    Love this!

  3. Thank you for this blog!

    This is sometimes difficult for me because I have an attention disorder. I often put little bibletext cards in the kitchen and repeat the text every time I walk there. And yes praying for it is great!

  4. lindalouise8:42 PM

    I'm working on the Sermon on the Mount with Ann this year Donnetta. I find it I carry my little index cards with me while I walk it is somehow easier to memorize my verses. I really thought at my age I couldn't do it any more, but I was so pleased to realize that I could!

  5. MyQuietCorner9:25 AM

    I've never considered it before, but I think that's because I've never attempted to memorize the amount I am now, and because I've not often enlisted the help of others. 

    Thanks for stopping to "chat"!  Always a pleasure! :-)

  6. MyQuietCorner9:27 AM

    Thanks and Yes, me too!  I'm definitely going to be using this "method" again.  I love that my daughter is getting God's Word nestled deep into her heart as the outcome of being willing to help me.  Nothing better...

  7. MyQuietCorner9:29 AM

    The idea of your Bible text cards in the kitchen is a great idea!  I believe God will honor you for every effort you put forth in attempting to hide His Word in your heart!  Keep it up!

  8. MyQuietCorner9:33 AM

    Using index cards while walking is a great idea!  A double benefit, memorizing the Word AND exercising!  Currently I have mine divided into sections and on paper that is tucked in my purse.  I work on it whenever I have a brief moment, anywhere.

    I have considered Sermon on the Mt. being my next selection.  It has been coming up repeatedly in my life and... here it is again. :-)  Yes, it just very well may be next.

  9. I am horrible at memorizing and I think my problem is just pure laziness.  I find that scripture in songs is my best way to do it.  

  10. Sandra3:40 PM

    That's a great way to learn the scripture.  I'll have to remember this and try it myself :)

    I'm absolutely horrible with memorizing, and I envy those that can quote scripture so easily :)

    BTW, not sure if you remember me or my blog from back in the day.  I'm going around saying hi and trying to reconnect with all my old blog readers, I'm so glad I found you again :)


  11. MyQuietCorner11:01 PM

    Oh yes, me too Susanne!  I have also found that Scripture to music is one of my favorite (and easiest) ways to memorize! 

  12. MyQuietCorner11:12 PM

    I was challenged when taking on my latest memorizing endeavor to pray and ask God to help me be able to memorize.  He is going to have to answer that request for me to accomplish my goal!

    I had just never really thought of doing that specifically before. 

    And yes, I remember you Sandra.  What a wonderfully pleasant surprise to have you stop by to "chat"!!   :-)


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