What's Been Keeping Me Busy

The silence of recent days may have left you feeling ignored.  That has not been the case.  It's just that the schedule of recent days hasn't left many extra moments for much else.

What's been keeping me busy?

1.  Track season.  Need I say more?  Our oldest is on the team.

The boys team took 1st place at districts last week and head to state this weekend.  The season of nightly practices with an average of 2 meets a week has kept us filling many moments.

2.  In the last month I have been away from home for two different weeks with work... in Alaska.

 Many who know I went have asked what all I was able to see and do.  Honestly, I was so busy for both weeks the answer has been... not much.  But I did get some pic's.

This one was taken... at midnight!

3. And whatever moments may happen to be left, the little guy (who it seems grows more with each passing day) keeps us from getting bored.

So tell me, what's been keeping you busy?


  1. lindalouise10:02 PM

    Things are finally slowing down a little bit here Donnetta - pretty much moved in! You have been so busy! It all looks wonderful. Enjoy these days at the track and with the family. They go far too quickly. I can't believe how big he's gotten!! 

  2. MyQuietCorner12:35 AM

    Yeah for being moved in.  That is always such a chore.  What a blessing to finally have your house! 

    I continue to be challenged and learn each day to treasure these moments that seem so busy, yet so brief. 

    And as for the little guy and how big he's gotten.  He's 4 now!  Yes, time passes so very quickly...

    Blessings for the beginning of a new week to you!

  3. Alaska is far away from where you live now? When I think of Alaska, I think of Eskimos and igloos. I wish you a good week and I hope  you have, despite everything, small moments of rest.

  4. MyQuietCorner10:08 PM

    Yes, although I live in the Pacific NW, it took 3 plane rides (each way) to get me to the place in Alaska that I needed to go.  Thank you for the wishes of small moments of rest.  Believe it or not, I am finding them! :-)

  5. You went to Alaska?  Wow, I've always thought it would be so nice to go there.  I love the mountains.  Too bad you couldn't have taken a little bit more time to explore.

    Your little guy is definitely growing. 

    Youngest had her high school graduation last weekend so it was a hectic week leading up to that.  But now it feels like we can breath a bit. 

  6. MyQuietCorner10:59 PM

    Yes, I would like to be able to go back to Alaska when I have more time... and take my family with me!

    WOW!  It's hard to believe your youngest had her HS graduation.  CONGRATS to you all!  Time is passing ever so quickly, isn't it?!  Glad to hear things are settling down a bit again for you.


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