A Shared Job Title

We come from many walks of life with many different responsibilities, jobs, and titles.  However, there is one job title that I believe we are all to share. 

 Regardless of how our days play out with the things in our schedules, we should all share this title with the same job description attached.
Ambassador: An authorized messenger or representative.

An ambassador has one goal... to represent the king. To represent his agenda, reputation, thinking, will... and even the king's heart.

"If believing the way they does, makes them the way they is, it bears checking into sometime."   -Love's Long Journey

I want to live my life in such a way that it draws people into checking out what it is that I believe! I want to represent Christ clearly... leaving no doubts!

II Corinthians 5:20a (NIV) "We are therefore Christ's ambassadors."

Putting on my ambassador "uniform" today.  How about you?...


  1. Me too, but I'm afraid I fail miserably many times. Love that He has such grace!

  2. You have just echoed the words of our Pastor. This weekend he spoke about our being priests - Christ's representatives to our world.
    I think Ambassador fits perfectly. It comes with great responsibility.


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