Why Eat?

Do you remember what you had for lunch two weeks ago Tuesday? 

Even if you don't remember, do you think that it still had some amount of nutrition?  Do you believe that at some level it sustained you?  Would you admit that it provided energy, strength, and nutrients to get you to the next task on your list for the day?

What if you hadn't eaten that meal?  That day?  Or even for 3 days?  Would you notice?

Just because you don't remember what you had for lunch two weeks ago Tuesday, has that caused you to consider stopping eating all together?  I mean, really, if  a meal can't be remembered... then what's the use, right?  Maybe it's all just a waste of time... this eating gig.

Of course that sounds absurd!

Guess what else is absurd...

I used to excuse the importance of my personal time in God's Word away with that same type of thinking.

"I can't always remember what I read.  I wonder if it's just a waste of my time.  Yeah, I know I should read, but really... who has time for something that can't be remembered later?"

You know what I have found?

Much as the physical nutrition for the moment brings health to my physical body, so the spiritual sustenance and strength I need for the day comes from the Words I read that morning.

Even when I can't always remember the details of each moment at a later date, I am confident that the time spent there meditating and focusing on His Words to me have sustained me more than I know.  More than I would probably even believe were I to know the full impact.

So, although I can't always remember exactly what I had to eat a few weeks ago, I am confident that I did eat.  And that food sustained exactly what I needed for that day.

Hungry anyone?...


  1. Oh, so good! The Word won't cause high cholesterol and high blood sugar either!

  2. Preach it Dear One!

  3. Agnes9:57 AM

    I am a regular reader. These are almost exactly my thoughts this week. Thank you for another helpful post!

  4. Very encouraging to stay in God's word on a daily regular basis!


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