Precious Promises

Life is hard!

I'm sure I haven't just told you something that you didn't already know. I can't imagine that those three words came as a shock to you or jolted you from your reality.

It seems many have been going through hard things lately. It is part of this thing we call life. It is not unexpected. Often the specifics of what may come our way is unexpected... but the reality that life is hard generally is not.

However, we can not stop there!

Life may be hard, but God has not left us in this place. These three words do not need to stir up discouragement, disappointment, depression or loss of hope. Life may be hard... but there is even greater truth we can cling to.

We have been given some very powerful and personal promises. He does not intend for us to trudge through life with a grim look on our face and a sad tone in our spirit. Regardless of what comes our direction, we do not have to be defeated.

Rather, His joy, peace, gladness and even victory is to accompany us on our journey. A sincere smile can grace our face and a light skip can be in our step. He has given us so many promises in His Word.

"God never forgets His promises. In turn, He intends for His children never to forget His faithfulness to fulfill them." -- Beth Moore

Sometimes, in the darkest of valley's, I find it a bit more difficult to remember those promises He has given. I struggle to remember that He will be faithful to fulfill them.

I want to remind myself of these promises. I need to remind myself of these promises. It seems when I am keeping them in the front of my thinking, the "life is hard" moments are easier to bear. I find the challenge is to be proactive and keep them in focus, ready, and prepared.

In an effort to intentionally do that... beginning next weekend I will be sharing a promise from Him to be reminded of.  To consider.  To ponder.  To soak into my very being.

I used to do this.  I have decided to return to the practice of it.  My hope is that it will not only remind me of that promise, but that it will do the same for you.

It will be a promise that I pray brings hope to a new week.  A reminder of what He has already guaranteed. A promise that we can cling to when all else seems to be crumbling around us.

A promise to remind of His faithfulness.  A promise that He has not forgotten.

Join me as we are reminded, encouraged, and spurred on to hope... 


  1. We serve a God that gives us HOPE, FAITH and LOVE. Yes, life is very hard, but His Promises give us HOPE! Looking forward to your reminding us of them. Counting it a huge blessing to know you and call you friend. Love, Linda Reppert

  2. Looking so forward to that post! It is hard in times of extreme frustration and difficulties to remember and cling to those promises, but it's the only way! We were talking about that in Sunday School today.

  3. Being proactive in remembering His promises... looking forward to your post!

  4. The more I hide his word...his promises...his truth...deep in my heart...the more I see it fulfilled. Knowing WHO he is is the key to seeing WHAT he has done and is doing all around us. Looking forward to the reminders. Blessings.


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