Season of Lilacs

As I glanced out of my window this morning, I came to the realization that the season of my lilacs are nearing their end.  Due to our weather in recent days, they are about 3 weeks behind in their cycle.

Each year that they come and go, I do a lot of reflecting, remembering, rejoicing, and re-living. 

It was this season five years ago that I missed the season of my lilacs completely.  It was in that season that my daughter found herself in the hospital facing death for the second time in her life.

The season of my lilacs continued on here without me.  When we arrived home, they looked much like they are looking this morning, and it reminds me...

It is a reminder to me of God's love.  They now symbolize memories of God's mercy. They are a visible witness to me of God's faithfulness, grace and healing power.

As I remember that year, I stand amazed at the way God carried me through. I see His hand so visible in areas that seemed so lonely, frightful and more than I could bear.

If you ask me how I made it through that time, I would have to tell you... it was not by my strength, power or anything of myself. It was by God's very mercy, grace and presence alone that each moment was faced with hope and faith in the sovereignty of my God.

Every year now, their beauty helps to refresh my perspective of what's truly important in life. They serve as an inspiration to count the little things in life as great blessings... to be grateful for the schedules, the tasks needing to be accomplished, the things needing to be done.

These things are stark reminders to me that those demands are needing to be accomplished for one reason... we are living.

Every season, with each glance out of my window...with each fragrant aroma inhaled, I am again brought to a brief quiet moment in my spirit where I realize and remember... I serve a great God whose character and goodness is beyond comprehension.

As we celebrate life being given fresh and anew to us five years ago, their season is a heart memory to me of what God walked us through and never left us to face alone.

We are now just two years away from when the doctor said she may need more surgery.  It may come sooner, it may come later... but it will most likely come.

The season of my lilacs serve as a reminder, that regardless of what comes... my God is a grace giving, mercy loving, all sufficient, wisdom containing God who leaves His fingerprints all over every situation that comes my way.

I will forever treasure lilacs and their season in my heart. My "Season of Lilacs" serve as a reminder to me of "A season God alone sustained me."


  1. Sweet friend. I love your ruthless trust in our faithful God... praying for you in this season. Loving you from afar.

  2. What a lovely and fragrant way to be reminded of God's power and sovereignty to carry you through ANYTHING.

  3. Those lilacs are breath taking, as is the grace of our good God. Thanks for sharing. *:)

  4. What a beautiful reminder of the grace and mercy of God towards your family in a very difficult time.

  5. It was during that time that I first "met " you. I remember someone had redone your header and thought how sweet. Later it was you who helped me! I am glad God gives us reminders that He is faithful and that He is sovereign. Our lives are in His hands and He is good.

    Thanks for that reminder.


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