The Edge of the Earth

 *  My husband is working 60+ hours a week.

*  We're selling my husband's business with me returning to work FT this month.

*  Next year's schooling for our daughter is decided.  We are turning to a completely different approach and focus due to her specific needs.

* A 5 page typed proposal outlining our newly defined approach and focus with supporting research and resources has been presented to both schools that we are a part of (private and public).  Praise the Lord for approval from both.  Now to designing the day to day curriculum...

*  Our 15 year old son is reading and studying the driver's manual.  Need I say more?!

*  3 days were spent with 2 friends from church in Columbus, OH at a women's conference.  While there I was able to connect with a best friend from college I hadn't seen in 15 years.  The entire trip... what a blessing!

*  I've lost 16 pounds since March.  While that may not sound like much to some, for me it has been monumental.  It has been much more of a spiritual journey for me than just a physical one.  Seriously, life changing.

Putting all of this onto one page like this makes it sound so concrete.  So matter of fact. So "no big deal".

However, with these situations... my heart has been affected.  Questions asked.  Time given.  Soul's searched.  Loss grieved.  Issues tackled.  Reality recognized.  Surrender offered.

Not easy.  I will be the first to admit to that.  Far from easy.

But the lessons I'm learning and the truth I'm discovering in the journey?  Oh so good.
These things are just the beginnings of what I have been encountering the last few weeks.

I share all of this to assure you... I am still clinging to the edge of the earth even though it may seem that I have fallen off.

I do plan to return to more regular posting as soon as my edge of the earth moves a bit farther away from it's current location and stops spinning quite as quickly.  

I've been missing our time to chat!  So tell me, what is happening on your "edge of the earth"? 

(Note to self:   Hhhmmm... I wonder if anyone is even still hanging around?...)


  1. I am still here - what a lot you have been accomplishing! Life has its twists and turns, and exciting things happen which we could never have anticipated and I am sure God has some amazing adventures in store for you, Donnetta!

  2. Congrats on your weight loss. Its such a nice feeling when you complete something. My oldest is also studying the driving manual. She has her permit, and has been out driving a few times.
    And you know Im always here... :)
    On my edge...we just got back from vac in Va Beach...we had a wonderful time. Really wish I could have stayed longer. Im also preparing to mentor a group in the Bible in 90 days challenge. So if you have time, would you pray for me, that God will lead and I will be a blessing through Him to my group.
    I hope you are enjoying your summer.

  3. I'm still here! I have an edge of the earth myself! Maybe I'll blog about it soon...

    But it's so good to hear from you and I'm hoping it feels good to make some decisions in your life - sometimes the uncertainty is the heaviest burden.


  4. Working full time now, a new change for me personally.
    Dealing with my husband working and coaching (seems like both are full time).
    My family went on their vacation without me because I could not get off of work.

    I know what you mean when you say they seem like no big things to list, but they are life changing to the individual.

    I am still here, sometimes. Blogging has stopped, book reviewing at a minimum and I am trying to find the new me. =)

    Good to hear from you and it sounds like God has big plans for the future.

  5. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Wow! That's a lot of change. We've had a lot of change in our corner of the world too! Glad you're still here!

  6. Still here Donnetta and so glad to hear from you.
    What a lot of changes! I know how that can throw things off balance for a while.
    Praying that there will be peace as you work through all of these things. He has promised to advise us and watch over us. I know that He will.

  7. Donnetta, I'm here. We're moved. Now I'm amid the chaos of stuff that has to be put away, but all I want to do is hide and read a book or check out my bloggy friends who I've missed these last months. Glad to see you're doing ok. Change is overwhelming. Praying for you through your time of change.

  8. There must be a line around the earth of women holding on! What about the little one when you go back to work full time? Man, you're going to be busy, but I hope in a really good way? Praying for all to go well!

  9. Nice to catch up with you out their on your edge, Donnetta! Such a lot going on. I hope the selling of the business will mean fewer hours for your husband. And congrats on the weight loss. It IS a big deal!

  10. Plenty of friends hanging around, for sure!

    We have relocated to Denver and are settling in nicely...I am getting ready to read through the Bible again in 90 days, can you believe it?!!?

    Congrats on the weight loss and the 'growth' that went along with it. :O)

  11. Still here but late as I'm clinging to my own spinning universe! LOL.

    Congrats on the weight loss and the spiritual journey that went with it.

    Sounds like a lot of effort to put together the things your daughter needs for school. So glad that both schools accepted the proposals!

  12. Yep - still here too, clinging to my own edge of the earth...

    Moved from VA to TN... It's been...challenging.

    Looking forward to posts from you - if you have time to squeeze it in with FT work!

  13. Blog reading stays so far behind but I do try to pop in once in a while. =D I have missed you - but that's not for a lack of effort on your part! I'm on the edge of the earth myself.

    So many things going on for you - wow. I pray the many transitions go smoothly and easily and know the Lord will be in your midst through it all!

  14. Oh, you asked what is happening on our edge of the earth. . .we're moving again next month. So transitions abound here. But hopefully the bigger space will help with so many issues we are facing daily in this tiny space. :)


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