Mommy's On Duty

Remember me talking about how sick I was last weekend?  It was bad!  Worse than I've had it in a LONG time.

Well, it appears it is now hubby's turn.

I guess one good thing is that I hadn't put all of the medications, humidifiers, thermometers and other apparatus away yet as I'm still not completely over it myself.  It was all still out ready for another round.

Mommy is now on full time (plus) duty so daddy can take his turn.

I'll return when I can...

In the meantime:

Some of the discussion regarding secrets to faithfulness during dark times has reminded me of talking at the beginning of last year about praying for hunger. It has been a good reminder for me to assess... am I praying for hunger?  Are you?

And here are a couple of posts that have had me thinking since I first read them earlier this week:
(Click on the bold text to go to the full post.) 

Kat asks Is God Safe?
"...perhaps the Christian faith isn’t actually ultimately all about us. Perhaps it’s about His glory, not my safety, happiness or peace."  ~~Kat

Emily talks about When the artist makes it big
"...joy comes in broken, quiet ways; ways handed over only to the heart who is willing to receive the gift of small."  ~~ Emily Freeman

What did you read (blog or otherwise) that's had you thinking?


  1. Sorry your dh is sick. I hope he feels better soon : )

    I really like both of the comments you reposted. Especially the second one though. I believe that true growth only comes through struggle and being willing to accept whatever God offers with the full belief that He DOES know what is best for each of us.

  2. hope your hubby gets better soon, at least you already know what he has to expect


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