How I Pray for My Children

I admit it. I have sometimes found it difficult to pray for my children.

Not difficult because I don't want to. Difficult because it seemed that my prayers became redundant. It felt that I was reciting the same wrote lines day after day.

I ask my children each morning, "How can I pray for you today?".  The practice of asking this morning question has helped to develop my prayers for them.

 The last two sentences they hear as they get out of the car are "I love you" and "I'll be praying for you today".

 However, on the days they didn't have something out of the ordinary happening, it seemed to be the same redundant words.

I have now added something to my routine. It has deeply enriched my prayers for them. I have even started a journal for each of them so they will be able to someday look back and see exactly what I was praying for them.

When I first started I had a new focus each day. Somehow that made it seem like I was glossing over the potential depth of what it was that I was praying for them. I have since changed to a new focus every week.

So, what is the focus of my prayers?  How do I pray for my children?

I am praying Scripture for and over my children. Each week I choose a new Scripture and pray it every day. I choose one for each child each week and write it out in the journal I have for them.

I have found that by the end of the week, not only have I prayed it, it has somehow become quite personalized for that child. I also have the idea of the verse memorized after a week of saying it each morning and thinking of the truth of it specific to my child throughout the day.

Each morning as I gather the items for my quiet time, I get their Scripture prayer journals as well. I open to the personalized Scripture that week and start my day off with focused thoughts and prayers for them.

It never ceases to amaze me how often events in their life seem almost orchestrated to fit so perfectly into the verse I have selected to pray for them that week. Coincidence?... I think not.

(Re-post from the archives)

Do you pray consistently for your children?  For others?  Do you pray Scripture to pray for them? 

Would you like to read about and understand better how to pray Scripture for others?  For yourself?


  1. I had the same quandry as you. Praying the same thing over and over...

    I love your scriptural approach! I pray daily declarations everyday for my family. Maybe you might find these helpful? From my other blog...


  2. Thank you Donnetta, I love reading new ideas & encouragement about praying for me children, often my prayers are reactive (please help lil C get well, etc) but to be speaking truth & life through scripture has been such an encouragement to me today, i love the idea of a personalised prayer journal for my children. have a beautiful day, blessings,

  3. I started a journal for my middle daughter a few months ago. She needed that something extra to know that she mattered in this world. I used to pray with my kids before they left for school each morning, but now I homeschool. I need to be more diligent about praying with them.

    Thank you for the the gentle reminder.

  4. so God...I read your post and my post tomorrow is on prayer. I joined Brooke McGlothlins 21 days of prayer for your son...you could pray over daughters too:)
    it starts April 1 - 29. I love your words and yes...I am feeling as if it will help me be more fervent in praying for my kids.
    love this:)

  5. I love the idea of praying a scripture for a week and then a new one the next week! Thank you for sharing this because I find I have the same problem of feeling redundant too!

    Am definitely trying this!

  6. Praying the scriptures over your children, it can't get anymore powerful than that.

    This is a great guide to 31 days and ways to pray for youth that I like:

  7. andrewtungsk2:22 AM

    Hi Donnetta~
    this post is simply brilliant
    May the Lord smile on you always


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