Finding the Definition of You

I looked into the mirror and didn't recognize the face looking back. It startled me. That person I thought I knew so well was now experiencing something so unfamiliar.

I didn't realize it at the time. Or at least I didn't want to admit it at the time... but I had allowed something very dangerous and destructive to happen.

Of course it happened so slowly.  So very slowly.

If it had happened with any speed at all I surely would have recognized it. I would have fought it. I would have recognized the danger in it. But it didn't. It was silent... until it exploded.

I had given away something so very valuable and precious. I had given permission for others to determine something that only one should have the power to determine.

I had allowed many others to give a definition that had already been decided and written in black and white... and even in the red of the sacrificial blood of love.

I knew better. It was not intentional. It just happened. I did not keep my focus. I allowed others to define me.

I have since reminded myself that no one has earned the right to define my worth and value. Not even myself! No one should be allowed that role except one... God Himself.

He created me. Surely He is the only one who truly can define the value and worth of me.

My identity is NOT:
* how co-workers define me
* how my boss defines me
* how my church family defines me
* how my children's teachers define me
* how my children's friends define me
* how my neighbors define me
* how my friends define me
* how my family defines me
* how my parents define me
* how my children define me
* how my husband defines me

It is NOT even in
* how I define myself

My identity alone rests in how God defines me.

Zephaniah 3:17 (NIV) "The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing."

Now that verse in the words of Dennis Jernigan:
"The eternal self-existent God, the God who is 3 in 1, He who dwells in the center of your being, is a powerful and valiant warrior. He has come to set you free, to keep you safe and to bring you victory. He is cheered and He beams with exceeding joy and takes pleasure in your presence. He has engraved a place for Himself in you and there He quietly rests in His love and affection for you. He cannot contain Himself at the thought of you and with the greatest joy spins around wildly in anticipation over you… and has placed you above all other creations and in the highest place in His priorities. In fact, He shouts and sings in triumph joyfully proclaiming the gladness of His heart in a song of rejoicing. All because of you."

Who (or what) is defining you today?

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  1. Thanks for this today. For years I have been defined be whose daughter I was (not my Heavenly Father, but my earthly father) and for many of those years I have defined myself by what others did to me (i.e., abuse). I am struggling today, so what a delightful reminder that the only identity that counts for anything is Child of God.


  2. This hits home. As someone who can be on the people-pleasing end of the spectrum, this makes me think about how much I let others determine my worth.

    So glad to meet you!

  3. He cannot contain Himself with the thought of me...wow! Really? Much like your list I have always allowed people to define me instead of Him. I'm learning...I think for the first time that I am not going to choose that anymore.
    It is like you say..if we had known. Once you KNOW you can by grace make a different choice.
    thank you for sharing today:)

  4. Donnetta, this is so lovely. It's so true about looking in the mirror and being surprised at what we've allowed ourselves to become slaves to. Powerful reminder!

    Thank you, as well, for stopping by my place! Nice to meet you.


  5. Oh, I have this rendition by Dennis Jernigan too!!! Your post is powerful...identity is a struggle when we define it by any other standards other than God's! Beautiful pulled together, Donnetta!

  6. So powerful and so true yet so hard sometimes to remember!

  7. So beautiful, I needed to be reminded of this today. You are a blessing, thank you for encouraging me.

    Cha Cha


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