2 Days in 20 *


That pretty much sums up my last couple of days.  Just a quick check in to say that I had every intention of finding myself here, although life apparently had different plans.

* Business trip
* Flight delays, connecting flights missed, new flights re-booked
* De-boarding for a layover when a guy (who had been sitting on the other side of the aisle from me on the flight) immediately searched and arrested.  YIKES! 
*  Talk of next day snowstorm and city shutting down once arriving at my final destination.  GULP
* Day delayed by 4 hours

*  Middle of the night waking with sore throat, pounding head and hurting ears
*  To location of work next morning with symptoms continuing to present:  achy joints, chills... you know the drill
* Business tasks finished none to early.  Feeling quite miserable by now.
* Everyone still talking about predicted storm coming that night

* To airport hoping for early flight.  Early flight full.
* Last minute seat on early flight.  Felt like I had been given a great gift!
* Flights re-booked as early flight routing me through a different layover city.
* Word on the street in the city of my layover also of snow storm to hit the area.
* Another full flight.  Everyone trying to get out early.  I had a seat!
* Arrived home 3 hours before my originally planned flights.

* Home 10 minutes and the snow started here.
* Tucked into bed by my wonderful family praying to feel better.

* Schools closed today.
* The achy-ness and chills seem to have left my body, but the sore throat and pounding head remain.
* Thankful for today to spend with my children, rest and re-group.

How has your week been?  What's new with you?


  1. Oh, friend... what a whirlwind. Praying you will REST today physically, mentally, spiritually.

    My two youngest are down with fevers and sore throats and headaches and coughs. Bri is traveling on business for a week. Lots of curling up together and living life slowly for a bit.

  2. Sounds exhausting- glad you are home safe & can get some rest.
    This week for us has been in kids hospital, have more questions & still no answers for DD3yo. Struggling to stay on top of my emotions.

  3. Praying you feel better quickly. I can imagine how hard it is to keep up with everything you need to do when you're not feeling well.

  4. Crysalismum: I tried to find a way to contact you via e-mail and wasn't successful.

    I just wanted you to know that I am so sorry to hear you are dealing with kids in the hospital, questions and no answers. I have been in that place myself. It's not easy and far from fun!

    Trusting that God's presence and very hand is clearly revealed in the moments, days and weeks ahead for you! Hang in there and cling tightly to HIM each step of the way!!


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