What Language Do I Speak?

Blog, sidebar, blogroll, sitemeter, link, bloglines, feed, post..... it's amazing how many words one can learn and become familiar with in such a short time.

I have corresponded with various people new to blogging. I have realized that so often I use these words in my instructions to them.

By using these terms it seems I only add to their confusion. They e-mail back asking for clarification. The words are like a foreign language to them. I need to be much clearer in my choice of explanations.
Salvation, holiness, sanctification, minister, faith, obedience, belief.... these words have become a fluently spoken second language in the church.

I was talking with a friend. She has been wrestling and working through what these words mean to her personally versus what she perceives the church's (as a whole) explanation and expectation to be.

As we were talking I realized that I, for one, am probably guilty of this more than I'd like to admit.

How often do I use this second language with others in my explanations, sharing and even encouragement to them? When I use this language am I just adding to the confusion?

How can I speak so clearly that other's understand and yet still have the same message?

To sit by and watch my friend wrestle through this is difficult for me. It is not fun to watch anyone struggle or wrestle!

I wonder, could this battle have been made any easier if the words used were more carefully selected and explained?

And yet, I know on the other side of this, she will have claimed these words for herself personally. That is a blessing and benefit of this time she faces.

It was a good conversation. She challenged me. I am searching my heart in a few different areas.

One of the areas I find myself challenged to assess, examine and be aware of relates to this question: "What language do I speak?"

Do you think the words we use make a difference?  Have you recently paused to consider what language you speak?


  1. I think the words we use make a huge difference. I am learning to speak a new language of love, thanksgiving, and grace, all infused by the Spirit.

    And I see the difference all around me.

  2. This is something I have definitely thought about. I was not a Christian till college (grew up in an atheistic home) and the language of church was foreign and abrasive at first, but now I feel I speak it too easily! Great thoughts!


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