Guess what I did to deserve seeing this out my kitchen window?


Absolutely Nothing!

GRACE... Undeserved

"The creation of the universe and God's giving it to humanity was the beginning of grace.  The beach, the mountains, the lakes, the streams, the rainforest, the jungles, the plains-- all for you.  There is more beauty in this world than any one person can fully comprehend, greater abundance than any one person can consume.  Why?  That's the nature of grace.  Grace is never just enough.  Grace is always far more than enough."
-- Andy Stanley in "The Grace of God"

In what way have you noticed God's grace extended to you recently?


  1. Isn't it gorgeous? Such a lovely gift from the Lord!

  2. Yes Susanne, so gorgeous! Sadly, I don't stop often enough to consider it what it is... a gift from the Lord. He is so gracious...


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