What I Found in Leviticus

In the second week of reading through the Bible in 90 days, I encountered Leviticus.  For those of you currently doing the Bible in 90 days reading, you have found yourselves in the same place.

John Walton, the speaker in our DVD session, encouraged us to remember that "every law written reveals something about the lawgiver."

I began Leviticus with a mission. I wanted to discover something about the Lawgiver. I wanted God to be revealed.

Leviticus now has so much more meaning to me than just the book of laws and sacrifices. I will forever view Leviticus in a more personal way because of two truths that came through loud and clear as I read through this book.

These two truths revealed about the Lawgiver were not new to me. However, God said them so many times that I couldn't help but notice and have them drilled deep into my head and heart.

1. I am the Lord your God...
2. I am Holy...

"The word 'holy' appears more times in Leviticus than in any other book of the Bible. And in just nine chapters of the book, God states, 'I am the Lord' 47 times (NIV Study Bible, study note for Lev. 18:2)"

As I was reading through the details of this book, I was struck and saddened with the realization of how so often I take God for granted. My human mind can only grasp a small glimpse of His Holiness... and I am humbled.

Regardless of whether you're doing the 90 day reading or not...

What have you found while spending time in God's Word?

God Forbid
By Point of Grace
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  1. I like that mindset very well, Donnetta. I decided to join Sis in the Bible-in-90 project, but with by audiobook. I decided to start in the NT to try something different and discovered that iTunes had organized the books alphabetically. Hmmm. I could take time and try to reorganize them, fish through and choose the right order as I'm listening (not too safe since I mostly listen while driving), or play it in alphabeticall order.

    I went for the last option and found an element of freshness and surprise. Started with the letters of Paul, Peter, and John and am now just finishing Acts.

  2. Nikkipolani,

    I LOVE that you are doing the 90 day challenge! What an interesting way to read/listen, alphabetically. I'll bet there would be an element of newness and freshness. How exciting!

    Keep at it and... Happy Listening!

  3. I'm doing the bible in a year so I haven't hit Leviticus yet but the Lord has really been speaking to me about how we judge others (from Matthew 7)

  4. How God is in the details! How he laid out the tabernacle down to the smallest thing and in Numbers you really find out that every person counts in the census!

  5. Susanne: The Lord seems to circle me through that topic as well. That seems to be a topic for me that isn't a once through get it down type of topic. Thanks for bringing to my mind again.

    Nancygrace: Oh yes, that every person counts! As for the tabernacle, I don't want to give it away... but that also stood out in the reading to me. Stay tuned because you will be reading about it a few more times and the final time it is mentioned ended up being a quite profound moment for me. It will be interesting to see if it strikes you the same way. Keep Going! You're doing great!!


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