The House is Still Standing... So Far

The little guy has learned to open drawers. It took him no time at all to do this with a box of 200 sandwich bags that had recently been opened.

Yes, I know for a fact it was him. He was caught in the act

It took him just as little time to do this to his room (while he was to be napping).

In fact, in the last 2 weeks our little guy has learned...

* to consistently get out of his crib
* to open doors even with the child locks on the doorknobs
* to open the child lock we had put on the fridge door
* to crawl on anything and everything
* to climb even higher by opening doors on dressers, etc. and using them as stairs
* to turn down the volume on his radio
* to open the lid on the fish tank
* to remove the heater from the fish tank
* to push the water button on the fridge that then sprayers water everywhere
* to turn on the television in the basement

No wonder I feel like I'm not getting much of anything done.

At least the house is still standing...so far!

What have you been getting done these last couple of weeks? Or maybe I should ask, what has kept you from getting accomplished what you had planned?


  1. Now that looks like fun - wonder if he needs help? Our little is getting adventurous too.

    But generally once she squirts herself with the fridge water dispenser she is generally happy to ignore it for a couple weeks....generally.

  2. Oh my....he and Baby J would be a dangerous combo! I felt this way for a long time after we moved. It's just slightly easing up the past few weeks, but the mischief in his eyes still keeps me on my toes!

  3. You have quite the little whirlwind there! And I'll bet he gives you the sweet innocent look when he gets caught too! LOL.

  4. Ha now the fun begins! =) Love it.


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