That Seems Right

It's been an incredibly long week. Dishes are piled high in the sink. Laundry is a mountain in my basement. Dust is a solid layer on the furniture. Mail is the new tablecloth that covers my dining room table. Shoes adorn the entry way. Toddler toys accessorize every room. At places it feels like I live in a dirt hut with the sweeping that needs to be done. My house needs attention!

Today I decided that these things would wait. Yes, my house desperately needs attention. But my family needed it more.

I went to Linner with the family. (you know... similar to brunch but instead of a mix of breakfast and lunch, it is rather a mix between lunch and dinner). I played a few games outside with the family when we returned home... croquet, badminton, horseshoes. I gave the little guy his bath. I snuggled with my family to watch a movie. I tucked my children in bed. I spent some time doing my 90 day reading.

Everything inside my house remains as it was this morning. Nothing has changed.

I neglected my house.

I focused on my family.

If someone stops by soon, they'll wonder what in the world I've been doing. I have nothing to show for it.

Nothing, except memories tucked deep inside my heart.

Somehow... that seems right.


  1. Exactly right. :)

  2. The stuff won't go anywhere. Enjoy your family!


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