Redefining Busy

And I thought our little guy was busy last summer.

This summer is already looking like this...

If I could have just a small fraction of the energy contained in this 2 year old's body I'd be set.

He's even including his little friends in his curiosity and expenditure of energy...

And since he has now become Houdini like as an escape artist with mastering the fine art of opening doors, these have been added:

If I only knew of something similar for refrigerator doors...

What's keeping you busy so far this summer?


  1. He's getting so big Donnetta! And so cute.
    I could use a tad bit of that energy too if he wants to share :-)
    My dil had those child-proof "thingys" on all their door knobs too. I had such a hard time opening doors!
    Enjoy these summer days.

  2. I think you can find latches for the fridge - which I need to look into myself. As for doorknob covers, ours now have duck tape around them since Baby J knows he can simply hit really hard a few times and they pop off.....little adventuresome people, that's for sure!!

  3. He's so darling. I love his jeans and sneakers:) I'm so missing my kids being this age!

  4. We always used to say if we could just invent something that plugged into them at one end and into us on the other to be used at night time for a transference of energy we would be rich. LOL.

    Put on your running shoes Mom! LOL.

  5. I love the door locks. I live for them once the kids get to an age they can open doors. When you find a fridge lock let me know. My 1 year old can open my fridge (could be because the door needs to be fixed?)


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