Friday's Fave Five: A Random Week

Another week has gone by which means it's time to review five favorite things of this past week. Thanks, as always, Susanne for hosting yet another week and encouraging us to find the simple, but oh so good to be mindful of.

Jumping right in this week with 5 random things that rose to the top of my favorites list...

1. Freedom: As we celebrated the 4th of July, I spent time reflecting on the sacrifice given by so many to provide for the freedom's I have in this country. I also found myself spending time reflecting on the sacrifice given by One... to provide for the ultimate freedom I have through that One, Jesus Christ.

2. Sunset: One evening I went out to check the garage door. As I looked from my front porch I saw this:

I couldn't help but stop and notice. How many times has there been a beautiful sunset right off my front porch and I'm too busy to notice? sigh...

Just moments later it looked like this:

These pictures don't begin to show the true beauty that it was, but you get the idea. I was grateful that I had taken the moment to slow, notice and enjoy. I have been challenged to slow the pace and notice things around me even more!

3. Mild Sunburn: I am red on my nose, cheeks and arms. Why am I thankful for a sunburn? Because it means the unseasonably cold and rainy weather is a conversation of the past and summer is here! Hello sunshine!

4. Mornings Outside: Anyone that's been here for any length of time probably knows by now that I really do enjoy mornings nice enough to be outside for my personal quiet time. With the warmer weather, this week I have been outside on my back porch more mornings than not. There's just something about it that brings an extra level of quietness and peace not just to that time, but to my day.

You can find my 100 calorie morning coffee recipe here.

And last but certainly not least.......

5. 16 Years: On this day 16 years ago I married my best friend... the man that I thought I loved then, but have found that I love him more and more with each passing year. How is that even possible? And to top it off, not only do I love him in increasing measure; I still really, really like him, A LOT! Happy Anniversary Honey!

What have been the random things of your week that have become favorites?


  1. Happy anniversary Donnetta!! :O)

  2. It’s so easy to take our freedoms for granted—in the world and in Christ. July 4th serves many good purposes. The sunset is beautiful. You are smart to be challenged by it to slow the pace. I need to take that challenge as well. Happy 16th anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary! ~ Quiet time out on the porch sounds lovely. We are in the middle if a house rennovation and will be building a new porch. I'm looking forward to that! Have a great weekend!

  4. A very Happy Anniversary to you! Today is my sister's anniversary,too.
    It has been nice that summer has finally arrived for us here. I'll really enjoy the high seventies we are suppose to have next week. Enjoy your devotions on your porch...you've got a good stretch of weather for them...

  5. Beautiful and thankful post!
    Freedom....may we never take it for granted!
    Sunsets...I can't get enough of them either!
    Sunshine and summer...no sweeter sounds!
    Oh, and coffee outdoors...can it get better? We often have our ocffee on the front porch...love it!
    Congratulations on your 16th wedding anniversary with many blessings!

  6. Happy Anniversary. I hope you both enjoy it. I love the coffee idea. I'm going to make it as soon as I get home.

  7. Happy Anniversary!

    Beautiful pictures. I love to have my devotion/Bible time outside as well. There is just something so peaceful about it.

  8. I love your #5. How beautiful is that? A relationship that truly grows in so many dimensions. Congratulations to you both.

  9. Happy Anniversary! we just celebrated 20 years....it goes by so fast!
    Loved your list especially #1!!! enjoy the weekend....

  10. A very happy anniversary to you!

    I am so grateful for our freedoms and the country we live in.

    Those are beauitful sunset photos.

  11. Happy, Happy Anniversary to both you and your hubby, my friend. May you enjoy many more blessings together!

    Love your sunset photos. Just breathtaking. I am always amazed at the beauty God graciously surrounds us with and too sometimes wonder how much of it I have missed because I don't look.

    Yay for sunshine!


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