Friday's Fave Five: Food Focus and Winner

We have reached another Friday. Another week full of good things, easier to notice with the passing of each week as I train myself to look for them. Thanks Susanne for the encouragement to do just that.

Today I wanted to share five of my favorite foods from this past week.

1. My New Morning Drink: I allow myself a cup of coffee full of all of the goodies in the morning during my personal quiet time. I have developed a new mixture that makes it only 100 calories and tastes oh so yummy!

My Recipe:
1 Cup of Fresh Brewed Coffee
1/2 packet no sugar added hot chocolate: 25 calories
2 TBSP sugar free liquid vanilla creamer: 30 calories

Top with:
2 TBSP light whipped cream: 20 calories
1/2 TBSP caramel ice cream topping: 30 calories (actually 27.5) (my most recent discovery. YUM!)

TOTAL: 105 calories Good morning world!

2. Fresh Garden Lettuce: You may have read about the deer fence that my husband built for me so that we can eat the fresh veggies instead of feeding all of the local deer. I have never attempted to grow lettuce before, but this year I did. My first harvest allowed for a salad with all of the lettuce completely from my garden. YUM!

My budget doesn't often allow for these next items, but a few times each year the prices get low enough that I am able to splurge a bit. And this week was one of them...

3. Nectarines

4. Blueberries:
I usually have a bag of frozen berries in the freezer, but they can't compare to this.

5. Dark Sweet Cherries: As I was serving these to my children, I explained to them that these are a very special treat. I don't remember having these growing up in the Midwest. I was reminding them that this was one of the pleasures of living the in Pacific NW.

THANK YOU to each one of you that entered for the 5CD giveaway. What a blessing it was to read each of the verses you shared!

And now for the winner selected randomly out of a bowl by my daughter:

Congrats Mrs. Pear! I'll get those off to you!

And remember...

You can still have your own CD or set of all 5. Receive a 20% discount and get 2 for the price of 1 when you order these CD's using the discount code MYQUIETCORNER at checkout.

So tell me, what were favorites in your week?


  1. I am completely hungry now and am craving fruit! Great pictures!

  2. That coffee looks AWEsome (she sang in her high-pitched voice)! :) I have a cup, too, but nothing like that... I may have to change my morning routine.

    I cannot wait for the first fruits of our garden to appear. We didn't do any spring planting, so we're waiting on beans and tomatoes and peppers. Cannot wait to make fresh salsa!

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Cherries are one of our favorite summer fruits, but so expensive!

    I have missed visiting you and your blog; I promise to come by more often now that I am starting to get settled. {hugs}

  4. Wow - what time is coffee served in the morning? I will be over with my quiet time bag to join you!

    Thank you for the CDs we are really trilled! They will immediately be put into the CD player as my daughters toss my CDs out for their favorites!

  5. All that summer fruit looks delicious!

    Thanks for the coffee recipe, its always nice to have a low cal treat mixed with caffiene!

  6. Nectarines & cherries: 2 of my favorite things!
    Visiting from FFF.

  7. hmmmm, that coffee looks like a yummy start to your day! And the fruit!!! Yum,yum,yum.....I love berries, nectarines and cherries!! have a very blessed week!

  8. Oh my goodness your coffee looks good.

    We've been enjoying cherries too. I remember buying a whole case of blueberries for ten dollars when my kids were little, now it's about 6 or 7 dollars for a tiny container.

  9. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Loving these summery foods that made your faves this week, Donnetta. And how lovely your home-grown lettuce looks!

  10. Morning coffee and summer fruits - what could be better? Just add some caramel topping and whipped cream - then it's heavenly - I will really have to try that! I bet it's good on the fruit, too. Have a good week.

  11. Hi Donnetta, my name is Karen from
    I was ready your post about the 2 dear in the quiet morning,, I have a simular story.. a few years back before we moved back to Florida, we lived in Lawerenceville Ga.. and in the mornings in our back yard a chipmock had a little of pups, and she would peak out of one of many holes they had dug in the yard,, and the pups would run around from hole to hole,, and then she would stick her head up and make a noise and they would all head to her hole.. it was so precious ,, and I know that warm feeling to see such wonder in parenting,,even in the worlds animals...
    I am enjoying your blog.. stop by to visit me some time to and say HI..


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