Man and the Garden vs. Deer

Recently Kirstin posted about keeping the deer out of her garden. I could totally relate. We have been plagued with them in our garden since we moved into this home almost five summers ago.

They are fun to watch and have around until it is time for the garden and landscaping. I have tried many deterrents such as human hair, raw egg spray, animal scent..... nothing seemed to work.

One of the activities in our recent busy schedule was this surprise from my husband.

He put in a 50ft. x 30ft. deer fence around my garden area. The fencing is 6ft high. With the string and streamers it puts it at a total height of 10 feet.

No more deer in my garden! Now, if only I had a way to temper the unseasonably high rainfall that we've been having. It rotted out some of my plants. *sigh*

My regular landscaping will have to just consist of plants that the deer don't like. I can't see putting fencing like this around all of those areas.

Do you have a garden... or landscaping? Do you have trouble with deer, rabbits or other critters? How do you keep them out?


  1. Oh my yes! The deer seemed to wait in gleeful anticipation whenever I planted something new - anxious to add it to their dinner menu.
    My husband finally had to fence in my little flower garden, and I learned to plant only deer resistant plants around the house. So far so good.
    P.S.I must send a little note your way....soon.

  2. Well, I can't say that I do, though occasionally in the winter if it's a hard one, the deer will come up from the river bottom and feed on everyone's cedar bushes.

  3. Well, no large critters in my neck of the...Pacific. I've seen a mongoose on occasion. Slugs are my most annoying pest! Aloha *;)

  4. Goodness. I don't think I'd know how to garden with such voracious deer nearby. The only "wildlife" we get in our suburban neighborhoods is an occasional raccoon or possum. Maybe a stray cottontail or squirrel.


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