Our Favorite... God's Favorite

"Our favorite parts are stones of remembrance of great things. God's favorite parts are the lines in between where we choose to walk faithfully without answers and visible evidences."

"We often want the mystical while God often insists on the practical. We may want a constant dose of dramatics, but God enjoys seeing the perseverance and proven faithfulness of simple daily devotion."

-- Beth Moore


  1. Wow. This is a wonderful image of trusting in faith.

  2. Great reminders! I especially love the first quote!

  3. I think Beth writes this to remind us to not look for the mystical and dramatic, to not have to live on the mountaintop all the time.

    But I like to think that there are beautiful stones hidden in the grass of the everyday, too -- and what a gem they are when we stumble upon them!


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