Let's Chat

A warm welcome and hello to you. I'm so glad you've chosen to stop by. After the events and schedule of the past few weeks, the thought of having a few moments to just sit and chat delights me to no end.

I have set up chairs outside on the back porch.

In addition to brewing coffee, there is also lemonade and ice tea. I have not added sugar to the tea but please feel free to add some. I do prefer a good sweet tea myself. If none of that sounds inviting, please help yourself to whatever else you would like.

The weather this last week has been so welcomed. Sunshine and 70's. Yes! A couple of the mornings were warm enough for me to venture to my favorite personal quiet time spot... right here where we are sitting... on the back porch.

The coolness of the morning required the use of a blanket to keep the chill off, but the warm coffee cup in my hands, the smell of spring and the quiet (except for the company of the birds) made it so worth it!

I have started to notice and enjoy the sweet smell of the lilacs as they are beginning their bloom. Even now as we are sitting here together, if the breeze turns just right, you will notice it too.

I worked more than my usual 10 hours last week as my husband took some time off to get outside work done around here. Since he has a commission only based salary, when he's not working there is no paycheck. I am so thankful for a job that let's me put in additional hours as I want. I know it won't always be this way, but for now it is a great blessing.

It was a nice change. One day found me pouring over policies and thinking clinically, while the next day found me working the technical part of my brain learning a new system in the water treatment room so I can go out to the units and educate the staff. (Dialysis requires pure water. We have mini water treatment plants in each unit to achieve that standard.)

My son had his bi-county track championship meet last week. It was a great meet. He jumped a personal best in the long jump (not sure of his placement yet), placed 2nd in the 400 and took 1st place in the high jump clearing a height of 5 feet.

For his first ever season at track, I don't think he did too shabby... if I do say so myself. He is thinking he'd like to try tennis next year, but it's nice to know if that isn't what he chooses to stay with, potential in track is apparently waiting.

There is much to get accomplished on my list today. I have no doubts that you can relate. However, I wanted to slow the pace and take a minute to just chat. It seems it's been awhile since I've intentionally slowed the pace. I have been reminded of how important that is.

I hope you will be encouraged to do the same. Slow, if even just briefly, to relax, refresh and regroup.

And if you have just a minute... let's chat. Oh how I would enjoy that...

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  1. Came over from outnumbered...
    While reading your post I began to suspect you must live in the northwest as you commented on the weather, clicked your profile and what do you know? Wasn't it wonderful? I put some sunflowers seeds in yesterday hoping to take advantage of the rain this week.

    Nice to meet another PNW blogger:) Blessings


Thank you for taking a moment to stop and chat. I enjoy the presence of you!